The Best Benefits and Assistance Plans For People With Disabilities

The Best Benefits and Assistance Plans For People With Disabilities

It can be overwhelming to live with a disability whether it is short-term or long-term. It might not seem possibly but fortunately for all forms of disabilities, there are many benefits a person can receive if they from social security plans, insurance companies, non-profit organizations, and a lawyer who specializes in helping those living with disabilities.

Receive benefits from Social Security and Insurance Companies

Insurance companies can help to insure that a person who works and lives with a disability (both short-term and long-term) is able to receive their income despite the inability to focus throughout the day, complete certain tasks or if there is a lack of presence from them if they must be absent from work because of a sick leave. Each insurance company will have a unique plan in order to address and help those with disabilities, but one specific type of insurance to keep in mind is the Social Security Disability Insurance plan. The US federal government began this insurance policy as a way to help a person and specific members of their family if they have met a certain medical criteria and they have worked a certain number of years and have paid their social security taxes. However, the disability benefits do not come into place unless the disability is expected to last at least one year or the end result for the person is death.

There is also a Supplement Security Income program that is able to help people who are older and are blind, disabled, or have little income. The program is able to meet certain basic needs such as shelter, clothing, and food. To become eligible for disability benefits from Social Security, there is a screening process and certain requirements that you must meet.

Help from Organizations and Foundations

There are many types of different organizations and foundations from private, community, non-profit organizations that are able to help benefit people with different types of disabilities. Philanthropic private foundations are able to set aside a fund that is filed with the IRS to donate money to those in need. Many non-profit organizations and community organizations for disabilities are formed as charities to try to raise funds to meet their goal to be able to help those in need. Community organizations can also provide a place for people to meet and spend time with each other.

Contact a Specialized Lawyer

Depending on the disability and current condition of a person, it may be difficult to be able to receive benefits from social security and insurance company plans. However, with the help of lawyer who specializes in defending those with disabilities, a person may be able to receive the help that they need. If you live in a large city such as Philadelphia, it may be easier to select one out of the available disability lawyers, but it should not be too difficult to contact one in your area. A disability lawyer can help you to receive the benefits you need such as Social Security Disability and Supplemental Security Income.

If a person is unable to take care of themselves at home or leave the house by themselves, there are many community organizations both for profit and non-profit that hire workers and volunteers to help with assisted living. Different forms of disability will have different needs that need to be looked after and can be helped by different benefits available to people. However, for some people, receiving benefits may be difficult or impossible because of their condition. Look into the options of receiving benefits and assistance from social security plans, insurance companies, non-profit organizations, or a lawyer who specializes in helping people receive benefits for their disabilities.