DIY Anniversary Cards – 5 Tips For Stellar Results

It’s not until you head out to buy an anniversary card that you really begin to understand how difficult it is to find one that’s both fitting and appropriate. You hit the store, you head over to the anniversary section and you’re presented with a range that’s 50% nauseating and 50% uninspiring. Which in either case means you’re looking at something of a compromise as it’s not as if you’ll most likely get away with getting no card at all and telling your other half there were none good enough – it’s an excuse they’re unlikely to buy!

According to the experts at however, there is in fact a pretty simple solution. It might sound like a bizarre concept to most and certainly isn’t the most common way of doing things, but next time there’s an anniversary coming up, why not make your own card? After all, the whole point is to try and make sure the card you give actually means something and isn’t just generic garbage, so why don’t you take care of it yourself?

The good news is you don’t have to be a creative genius – sometimes the most pathetically amateurish cards are actually the cutest! Instead, it’s simply a case of taking a lesson or two from what’s on the shelves and not heading down the same path.

Here’s a quick look at a few expert tips for coming up with the kind of anniversary card that’s guaranteed to score you some BIG points:

1 – Avoid Clichés

First of all, take a look at the cards on the shelves in the store you’d usually buy from and take note of the cards you wouldn’t bother with even if they were free of charge. Now, basically all you need to make sure you do is come up with something that’s largely the opposite of what’s on display. You’ll see the kinds of clichés that are best avoided right away – anything that’s generic, cheesy or just plain awful. If necessary, make a list at the time – chances are the sales assistants won’t mind too much!

2 – Personal Images

These days it’s never been easier to have your own images printed on the highest-quality cards and card-making supplies, in order to come up with a final card that’s both unique and special to the two of you. You’ll of course be pretty spoilt for choice and you might immediately reach the conclusion that the obvious photos to use are the best. However, it’s often a better idea to choose a picture that’s subtle in appearance but holds far more meaning than most – take your time and see what you have.

3 – Your Own Words

As for the words inside, never under any circumstances copy anything from an in-store card or look online for a limerick of some kind to copy – bad idea! It’s cliché you’re trying to avoid here and you’re putting in all this effort to create something unique – why go and spoil it by doing the exact opposite? It doesn’t matter if you’re the world’s worst poet or can barely string a sentence together, just as long as what’s written in there comes from you, it’ll mean more than you could possibly imagine.

4 – Quality Materials

Never fall into the trap of putting your heart and soul into a card only to then let things fall to pieces by having it made from the lowest-grade paper and glue. There’s always a cute-factor in shoddy-looking cards, but there’s also a very fine line between cute and cheapskate. And as the last thing in the world you want to do is come across as cheap and lazy, you might want to think carefully about the quality of the materials you use.

5 – Plan Ahead

One guaranteed recipe for disaster is that of waiting until the last minute to get started and rushing to get the card finished. The longer you have to think about things, the more likely you are to come up with something truly outstanding. And of course, planning ahead also means finding out early on if you really are so inept that buying a card is the only way to go!

6 – A Reputable Vendor

Last but not least, if you’re designing your own card online by uploading images and using templates, it’s of crucial importance to check the quality and reputation of the vendor before placing your order. All are most certainly not cut from the same cloth and when it comes to things like printing quality, materials and getting your card out on time, the differences from one vendor to the next really are night and day.