Your Outdoor Lighting Questions Answered

So, you mean security lights?
Not in the slightest. Security lights are very important, and certainly dispense a lot of light, but here we are talking about a broad range of lighting solutions for your outdoor space. The wide range of outdoor lighting allows your garden or decked area to be lit in a way that suits you. You may want a lot of light for entertaining, low light for a peaceful mood or light splashed across the garden, so the view can be enjoyed late into the evening.
Won’t a light fitting screwed to the wall look ugly?
Well, firstly, the fitting need not be attached to the wall. Many gardens now use lights built into decking, or free standing, such as stylish, traditional looking lamp posts – or more modern bollard lights.
Wall mounted lights come in all shapes and styles. Many looking for a traditional look will consider a wall mounted lantern style fitting, often matched with a lamp post in a similar style to create a theme. Many more modern styles are now available, each giving a different look and feel, as well as offering options as to how light will be distributed. Recessed outdoor lighting can also be installed, to provide a clean, unobtrusive finish whilst still giving off the desired amount of light.
I only really need to light my footpath; do I need a wall mounted light?
There are many outdoor lighting options away from wall mounted lights. There are a wide range of lamp posts and bollards that can be used to both define and light a footpath. In addition, there are a huge variety of floor lamps, which can provide a particularly welcoming, warm glow. If you are just looking to show the outline of the path then low level LED lights are an excellent way of highlighting a path, and can different bulbs emit either a clear light, or a more subtle blue light, depending on the desired style.
Isn’t all this lighting going to cost me a small fortune?
Naturally, the amount of usage and the volume of bulbs will affect the overall cost, however, the developments in lighting technology should mean the costs are significantly reduced compared to even ten years ago. Energy saving light bulbs use less than half of the energy than the traditional incandescent bulbs. Many outdoor lights use LED bulbs which use 80% less energy than incandescent bulbs.

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