Collision Control: 3 Steps To Take After A Car Wreck

Collision Control: 3 Steps To Take After A Car Wreck

A minor fender bender can be inconvenient and stressful in many ways, but a serious car accident can have a huge impact on your life for months or even years to come. Your car may be seriously damaged or totaled in the accident. You may have significant injuries that require medical attention or even hospitalization and surgeries. You may have to take time off of work, and this can affect your finances. The stress of the situation can make it difficult to think clearly for at least a few days or weeks after an accident. These are some of the steps that you should focus on as you work to recover from the event.

Seek Medical Attention

The most important thing to focus on immediately after an accident is your health. When medical attention is offered to you at the scene of an accident, accept it. An EMT can determine if you need additional medical attention at a hospital. Some people are in shock after an accident, and they do not feel or notice symptoms until a day or two later. Seek medical attention as soon as you notice any signs of injury. Ensure that you document all injuries and treatments so that you can obtain compensation for them at a later date.

Take Care of Your Car

After you have addressed your health concerns, your attention may then move to the condition of your car. Your car likely was towed away from the scene, so you will need to work with your insurance company to arrange for it to be inspected by a claims adjuster. Your insurance company may also assist with selecting a repair shop and towing the vehicle to the shop on your behalf, but this is not always included as a service by every auto insurance company. In the event that your car is totaled, you will need to consider the need to shop for a new vehicle once the claim has been processed.

Contact a Lawyer

If another person clearly caused an accident, a personal injury lawsuit is an option. This may not be worth the hassle if their insurance company has completely paid for all of your expenses. However, if they did not have sufficient insurance or if your life has been significantly impacted by severe injuries, it may make sense to hire a personal injury attorney and to explore a lawsuit as an option.

Because you may be overwhelmed by stress, pain from your injuries and more, it is helpful to seek assistance from a family member immediately after an accident. This person can help you with each of these important steps until you get back on your feet.