Why The Xbox 360 Wireless Controller Is All The Rage

The award-winning accessory does elevate wireless gaming to new heights. Xbox 360 wireless controller boasts revolutionary accuracy, speed, precision, as much as rumble feedback, all at a wireless command—that’s right, wireless freedom couldn’t be exuded more! And that’s the reason you want to know why the Xbox 360 wireless controller truly is rocking it.

Design Elements

The Xbox 360 wireless controller has a bunch of design features borrowed from the controller S. For instance, retaining the same spots are the right and left analog triggers plus sticks, the face buttons, and the control pad. The back and start buttons have shifted to the center, alongside the guide button, which is a new feature. The guide button can well turn on the system remotely, while allowing access to your gamer almost instantaneously.
The device is void of the white and black buttons—these initially were placed awkwardly underneath the face buttons, in previous makes. Occupying their place are the right and left bumpers, situated on the top of the controller, right in front of the triggers.
And now look at this: A tiny white sync button. It can be traced on the top of the controller, and for the first time, it lets your gamer communicate with an Xbox 360 console.
As you may probably have realized, these slight alterations have helped give birth to an almost perfect design. Besides the controller being terrific for Xbox 360 games, its new layout is a handy preference for the backward-agreeable ‘Xbox1’ titles. It only is so because the bumpers are best placed, contrary to the black and white buttons in other models.

Device Inputs

The apparatus does boast of a number of inputs. At the top is the charge and play kit. It lets you recharge the gamer’s pack of batteries via a cabled connection (USB) to the console. A headset input is at the bottom—while you could plug in just about any headset, provided it has a 2.5mm mini-jack, this input is form-suited to be compatible with the Xbox 360 headset, which is in-build with mute and volume buttons. Also, it’s only fair to note that the battery pack presence at the back of the controller does make the device a bit bulkier and heavier.

Apparatus Performance

You want to know that the controller’s performance is phenomenal. Well, this gadget is responsive, just as much as its wired counterpart—save for the guide button, which takes a few more seconds to sync wirelessly. While the force feedback isn’t as strong as the wired one, the wireless controller is able to control multiple controllers all at once, which surely is an edge over other models—they require several dongles, including manually chosen frequencies, to sync with the console.
In a nut shell, the Xbox 360 wireless controller certainly stands out in terms of performance and design. Of course, it might lack some salient new features as compared to the motion-based models. But that aside, the apparatus doesn’t cease to be at the top of the pack.
A lover of games of all platforms, James is a fair-minded reviewer who gives credit where it’s due, and he withholds credit where it’s not due. I mean it, and he does shout it from rooftops.