Guide To Men's Wallets

There are few things more important to a man’s overall sense of style than the accessories he chooses to adorn himself with. This goes for everything from shoes to tie clips to cuff links and even iPhone cases.
It also extends to wallets: there is a strange phenomenon we have noticed – actually, let’s call it an epidemic—wherein extremely attractive, successful, and stylish men are walking around with the wallet they’ve had since they were in high school or college.
There is nothing so off-putting as when one of these awesome dudes reaches for his wallet only to reveal a wrinkled, hole-ridden piece of leather that we can only suppose once served the purpose of holding such important things as, oh, credit cards, IDs, and cash.

The “Wallet” Rules

Here are the steps we recommend to make sure you’re not inadvertently shaming yourself on a regular basis each time you take out your wallet to pay for something:

  • Have a sincere look at your wallet. Be honest with yourself. We know it’s hard to let go, but if your wallet has visible holes, frayed hems, huge scratches, or other signs of lots of wear and tear then it’s time to say goodbye. If you’re feeling nostalgic, keep it in your sock drawer and say hi to it when you can.
  • Take everything out of your wallet. Reorganize, and see how much stuff you actually need to carry around with you on a daily basis. I think you’ll be surprised how many crumpled receipts can pile up! Count the number of cards you take with you, and consider whether you need a separate compartment for change in your new wallet (hint: we recommend it).
  • Shop around. Fine leather dealers and luxury counters at department stores are all good places to look for wallets. Make sure you have a good idea going in of what color and make you’re looking for, but really – we trust your judgment. You’re fashion-forward guy, aren’t you.

Of course, we encourage you to have a look at the many sophisticated and rugged wallets for men from reputable merchants on the web. You can certainly find, and we recommend you do find, designs that are hand-stitched and made of only the finest leather available. This will certainly give you the additional benefits of uniqueness and utmost quality. Coming in a variety of colors, shapes and styles, you’ll receive compliments galore when you pull your new wallet out of your pocket or bag – and not just because you’re pulling it out to pay the bill.

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