How To Cash In On Your Unwanted Household Stuff

You probably don’t need me to tell you that times are pretty tough for most of us right now and there’s not much spare money going around. With Christmas fast approaching you may be starting to feel the strain and wondering if Santa will be able to make an appearance at all. If you need some extra cash then there is a great way to raise funds while clearing out space in your home and garden. In this article I will give you some easy tips on how to earn some much needed cash by selling your unwanted household items.

Have A Clear Out

First things first, you will need to have a proper clear out and collect up all of your unwanted items. We are a nation of hoarders and often people find it difficult to get rid of something even though it has been sitting unused for as long as they can remember and is covered in cobwebs. If you want to have a proper clear out and create some extra space in your home then you will need to be focused and deliberate in your approach. Remember, the older the items the more likely they are to be worth something.

Get Your Old Records Out

EBay and other sites like it are great tools to use to sell your unwanted items. If you have a whole heap of vinyl records gathering dust in the attic then get them dusted down and onto eBay. You may be surprised at how much they are worth, especially if it’s a particular obscure record of which not very many were made. You could easily make a couple of hundred pounds by selling 10 records.

Find Out Where Your Local Auctions Are

Once you have routed around your house and garden and you have amassed a batch of unwanted items then it’s time to find out where the local auctions are. Putting your items up for auction is a much better way of making money than selling at a car boot sale as the buyers are usually antique experts and they will be aware of their true value. Car boot sales usually turn into an outdoor pound shop with everything going for the same low prices, this is still a good way to make some cash but if you want to earn some proper money then auctions are the way to go.

Make Your Education Pay Off

Many people still have their school and university books even though their education ended years ago. These books may still be used today, especially if they were used for your university study so gather up all of your books and your children’s too and take them to a local second hand book shop or sell them online. There are lots of sites such as gumtree and amazon that are filled with people searching for all sorts of books.
Sally Watson recently had a house and garden clearance and she was able to make over £500 from selling her unwanted stuff online.