Versatile Looks For A Child's Room

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If you’re looking for an interior decorating challenge, we suggest you take a look at your children’s rooms. These rooms are subjected to plenty of wear and tear and, from an interior decorators perspective; children are some of the toughest customers around.
Homeowners who aren’t professional decorators are subject to those challenges when attempting to decorate for their children.
The good news here is that finding versatile looks for a child’s bedroom is not nearly impossible as it sounds. The key to this kind of project is staying flexible.
Decorating a Kids Room
One of the biggest mistakes parents make when remodeling or decorating a child’s room is feeling obligated to use children’s furniture. While it’s certainly important for your children to have appropriately sized furnishings in their rooms, you don’t need to be boxed in by overpriced children’s furniture.
Companies that manufacture children’s furniture know that they’re only going to have you as a customer for a very short time. You probably won’t be surprised to find that leads to some serious overpricing on their part.
This doesn’t mean you should avoid this type of furniture all together, just be certain you explore other options.
Making it Affordable
We recommend that parents keep a very open mind when furnishing this part of the home. Don’t take anything off the table, including previously owned and adult sized furniture.
Most kids don’t mind, or even notice, when presented with previously owned furniture. In fact, used furniture is incredibly versatile because you normally won’t have any qualms about painting them to match items you already own. And don’t be afraid to get your kids involved in this activity, too. The more ownership they feel over their room, the happier they’ll be.
Keeping Up with Changing Tastes
Another reason you probably won’t want to spend too much money decorating a child’s room is that children can be very fickle. Home builders are more than happy to charge a premium for a Disney Princess themed room, but how long will your little princess be happy with that decorating style?
Parents need to accept the fact that their children are constantly changing. This doesn’t mean you can’t put plenty of effort, and love, into a remodeling project for them. We’d just gently suggest that you not get too attached to that lovingly hand-painted Thomas the Tank Engine mural you worked so hard on. After all, this time next year their tastes are likely to be very different than they are today.
A Final Word on Decorating for Children
At the end of the day you want your child’s room to be a place that gets used. Decorating their personal space like a museum makes your house look good, but it won’t make your child happy. For that reason, we recommend that you really involve your little ones in the decorating process and try to have some fun with it. Once you get going you’ll find that you really don’t need to spend that much to keep them happy.
Be flexible and be prepared to implement a new look every couple of years to keep pace with your growing child’s evolving tastes.

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