Points To Consider Before Hiring A Business Attorney In NYC

Points To Consider Before Hiring A Business Attorney In NYC

Just as it’s a good idea to launch a business in New York City with a chief financial officer on board, it’s a good idea to start a business with an experienced business attorney. Hiring a business attorney in NYC can protect founders’ assets. It’s a step that can also protect the assets of shareholders should the company be publicly owned.

Before hiring a business attorney in NYC, there are key points entrepreneurs should consider. To begin, entrepreneurs should find out the areas of law that an attorney works in. For example, there are attorneys who specialize in employment law. Other attorneys specialize in business entity formation, shareholder agreements or corporate governance.

Additionally, depending on the size of the law firm a business attorney in NYC works at, the attorney might have a team of lawyers to work with, giving a company access to enough lawyers to provide all of a company’s legal needs. Other points to consider before hiring an attorney are the fees and other expenses attached to certain services.

It’s also important to ask the attorney how often he will contact you, updating you on the status of a case or claim he is working on for you. Finding out the type of information you will be required to give the attorney will let you know if you need to ask an attorney to reword his confidentiality agreement. This could protect a company’s business to business and business to customer agreements.

Leading reasons why East Coast businesses need a business attorney in NYC include to gain access to the right knowledge and skills to develop employee policies and procedures to manage through business acquisitions and mergers and to deal with hostile work situations. The Journal of Humanitarian Affairs notes that, “Any time there is talk of a hostile work environment or harassment among employees, an employee law attorney should be a business’s first call.”

Having someone to handle workmen’s compensation claims, address client complaints, review contracts and negotiations as well as protect company’s against trademark infringement claims are other reasons why employers hire a business attorney in NYC, lawyers who work for firms like Cohen, Schneider & O’Neill.

By having fees, including contingency fees, broken into parts, entrepreneurs can pay costs associated with working with experienced attorneys. For example, the Federal Trade Commission says, “The size of a contingency fee, usually a percentage of any money you receive