Tips On Choosing The Best Web Hosting Services

For customers who run the business with website for them it’s more important to choose the best web hosting service. There are many types of web hosting services in market, but we should be careful while selecting the services as some web hosting service has more problems and not comfortable with low performance and high price. Visit few web hosting companies and then check the available plans and packages. Before choosing the plan check whether they are providing such facilities and benefits.
Requirement list: Check the requirements you need, for example your requirement is 100MB and you’re going for 4GB package in top company will be not worth. So initially we have to make our requirement list. We can select a company which provides secure hosting using Linux operating system.
Storage: For any type of hosting the major and important point need to check is storage as it’s the primary part of hosting. Based on the requirement we can select the storage space for web hosting. If the website is small then we can go for less space. There will be unlimited storage packages it will be helpful for big business websites.  If we select less storage space and if the website users download and upload more data’s in the website then there will be bandwidth problem.
Bandwidth: The size of data (uploaded and downloaded) provided by web hosting agent for users of the website in a month is called bandwidth. If the website contains video files and audio files then there will be more download of data. If the website is small and only few uses will be using then there will be no problem. The bandwidth problem comes usually in big websites where the multiple users will be uploading and downloading data daily. So it’s better to choose the provider with high bandwidth.
Control panel: Before selecting the package we have to check whether the control panel will be provided. By using control panel we can control the web hosting. From control panel we can check bandwidth, space, FTP accounts, subdomains and creating database related details.
Number of domains and subdomains: In some cases the site will reach a point, where it requires few sub domains. So it’s important to check number of domains and sub domains allowed.
Blog supported: The hosting should be blog supported like Word Press, we have to make sure it’s supported before purchasing the package. In some web hosting services blogs will be not allowed.
Email accounts: Normally email accounts creation will be permitted with the domain in which we host the website. If you need more email accounts for that domain then it’s very important to check allowed email accounts in the package.
Technical support: This we have to check in high priority, for all types of website technical support is required.  We have to select the company which has good technical support. Few providers give 24/7 support and the support is very important as it helps us in crucial situations like crashes downtime etc… So we should give high importance for technical support. If the website is not accessible for few hours it will affect multiple users, directly affecting the business.

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Written by Nadia Jain on behalf of TID – Web magazine. I personally recommend knownhost for VPS or Dedicated here for Knownhost Review

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