6 Reasons Why Offices Should Opt For Digital Over Paper

Since time immemorial paper has existed in offices as primary mediums of communication, documentation, data storage and information dissemination. And despite the many companies that have backed up the dream of a “paperless” office, offices continue to consume paper ceaselessly, even increasing their consumption through the years.
Many experts say that paper is simply indispensible within offices because of its many uses and benefits. For many, paper-based forms and other paper-based office materials have their perks. They give you something you can hold on to in your hands. They give you a sense of security knowing that your data is solid and present. Unfortunately, they’re also good at piling up and cluttering up offices, and they have a very annoying way of getting lost just when you need them most.
The Digital Advantage
So here’s what you should know: paper is good but going digital in your office can be better. Here are the reasons why:
1. Digital data solutions streamline processes. Instead of filling up a ton of error-prone paper forms that can get misplaced and running from one place to another for the retrieval and submission of these forms, customers and clients can have a complete, easy and digital self-service experience with digital data solutions that put all necessary paperwork online. Capturing data becomes easier and more efficient, and with online forms and Pdf forms you can be sure of complete, error-free data that won’t get lost as easily as their paper counterparts.
2. Digital data solutions save time and money. Because processes are streamlined, customers and businesses save significant amounts of time with their transactions, thereby enabling them to conduct more transactions and produce more results. And with all necessary forms going digital, there’s no need to purchase reams and reams of paper.
3. Digital data solutions are more environment-friendly. With all necessary forms turned digital, excessive paper usage is eliminated, saving trees and various other resources used in the production of paper.
4. Digital data solutions are more user- friendly. Most digital data solutions being offered today are built to be very intelligent, with applications that are not only easy to navigate and use but engaging as well.
5. Digital data solutions are more manageable. With digital data solutions, there’s no need to keep stacks of binders or boxes of paper files. There’s also no need to find storage spaces to keep paper files secure and no fear of losing files because of misplacement or fires. Files are easier to find in online databases and you can always be assured of their security.
6. Digital data solutions are current and convenient. In this day and age immediate information is in demand and computers, tablets and smartphones are becoming the staple medium for accessing information conveniently anytime, anywhere. Digital data solutions keep up with these trends by making data readily available through these mediums. So no matter where you, your clients, customers or field workers are, you’ll always have access to your needed information.
We may not be able to completely eliminate the use of paper in offices just yet, but we can surely minimise it. And given the many benefits that digital data solutions offer us, there’s absolutely no reason why we shouldn’t try.
Debra Wright blogs about a plethora of topics including electronic forms and other fields. Wright considers Avoka as one of the leaders in making PDF forms.