The Adventurist's Necessities

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Traveling can take you far and wide and adventures will create a whole new reality for you. While the spontaneity of the entire ordeal should never be lost, packing a few necessities will ensure your travels are being lived to fullest and well remembered once you’ve returned home.
This small list isn’t about the no-brainer necessities like a toothbrush and some antacids, this is more of a list to keep you inspired as you travel along and will continue to inspire you for years to come. These things aren’t always on packing lists, but their purposes will serve you well regardless of where you plan to go.
1. Camera
If you struggle with the decision of whether or not to bring your camera with you on any trip, big or small, domestic or international, let me help you out: BRING IT! Even if you’re nowhere near the National Geographic level of photography or you hate getting your picture take, you will eventually come home and want to relive some of those special moments…and sometimes, those memories locked inside your head aren’t enough. If it means grabbing disposable cameras as you go, then by all means, do it. If it means convincing your brother that you won’t break his prized digital camera, then go ahead and put your best suit on and work your magic. The photographs you bring home will far outweigh the hassle of bringing a camera along.
2. Journal
Adventures and traveling are always inspirational. There’s just something about only doing what your heart desires that inspires us to think grand and whimsical thoughts. While they might be fleeting, don’t lose them forever by ensuring you’ve packed a journal to accompany you. Even if you’re not the writing type, you’d be surprised at what kind of thoughts can turn into scribbled inks the will turn into future walks down memory lane. Furthermore, a journal means you’ll always be able to write down your favorite places, your new favorite ethnic food, or the number and address of a new friend. They don’t have to be elaborate, and they certainly don’t need to be made of leather hide…just a pen and some paper will do.
3. Taste of Home
Travel can be wonderful and uplifting and taking adventures can introduce you to so many new experiences, but everybody gets homesick eventually. But even in the hard times, when you’re sleeping on a cot in a noisy hostel without knowing a lick of the language, pulling a memento out of your pocket or taking a peek at a family photo will always warm you right up. Home mementos can even be a favorite article of clothing, like a scarf a grandmother knitted or some pajamas you received for Christmas. Bringing pieces of home will help you put this big wide world into perspective because even though travel can open your eyes to more than you ever thought possible, it can also be overwhelming.
4. A Good Book
Not only will a book become your saving grace on long train rides, it can teach you things you might not have been ready to pick up back home. When traveling, I always like to pick books with a theme similar to my travels, so I can really understand what I’m reading. Remember the feeling of reading a book as a kid and suddenly being transported to a far off land? Now imagine that feeling being tenfold as you actually are surrounded by the magic of that book. Traveling is all about perspective and personal growth, so pack a book to help further that along.
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