Stupid Excuses Given for Breaking Traffic Laws

You know you have just done something that you shouldn’t have done and you have been caught out, now you need to think on your feet and give the officers a justifiable cause for doing what you just did. Some people are good at coming up with a spur of the moment reason for having broken the law, others, well their imaginations leave a lot to be desired.
The Hospital Run
Drivers caught speeding will often use the excuse of having to get to the hospital, this could be for a variety of reasons such as a wife in labour, or a passenger who is suffering from the onset of some mysterious but life threatening illness, an excuse that carries much more weight if you have a passenger conveniently doubled up in pain in the car with you. This could go either way for you, you may have encountered an officer willing to give you the benefit of the doubt and send you on your way with nothing more than a ‘drive safely’ warning, or you could have met the officer that has heard that excuse one too many times and isn’t about to believe you, providing you with an escort to the hospital to ensure that you get there safely.
Fuel Emergency
Driving too fast in order to get to the petrol station before your fuel runs out may sound ridiculous, but more often than not this is given as a real excuse. There are many drivers out there that mistakenly believe that in order to get to the pumps before the fuels runs out they need to put their foot down in order to get there as fast as they possibly can. Anyone with half a brain knows that the faster you drive the more fuel you consume so rather than getting to the filling station with time to spare your car will most likely die along the way. Try offering this as an excuse for speeding and you are not going to get very far.
A Little Drink
If you are pulled over and the officer in question believes you have been drinking, explaining that you have only had the one drink is probably not going to be believed. Drunk driving is simply not tolerated and you will be expected to provide a specimen of breath which will quantify just how much alcohol is in your system. You may well have only had one drink, but if that one drink was a cocktail served in a glass the size of a goldfish bowl you may well end up saying goodbye to your license.
It may be the first time that you have been pulled over but the officer that stopped you has probably done it a thousand times before, and will have heard just about every dumb excuse in the book. If you are in the wrong admit it, it will save a lot of time, unless of course you can come up with some incredibly original off the wall excuse that he has never heard before.
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