Top 5 Causes For Awareness Bracelets

We all know the recent drama with Lance Armstrong and what it might mean for the Livestrong organization. People may withdraw their support for the seven time Le Tour De France Champion, but will they denounce their support for cancer awareness? A look at the rise and fall of Lance Armostrong’s career in concurrence with the strength of the LiveStrong brand may say so. Lance Armstrong may allegedly be a cheater, but that doesn’t mean you should cut off your yellow silicone bracelet or stop donating to a cancer foundation.
These bands are still a great way to show support for fundraising, memorials and group belongings. Here are a few other movements to support while considering your next “Cause” bracelet.
1.) Anti-Bullying is one of the most common issues effecting today’s youth. Students often feel isolated and depressed due to bullying leading to concerns of suicide and retaliation. Cyber-bullying is also a developing area of concern and there are many organizations that educate and spread awareness throughout our school systems. Please show support for the children who are facing ongoing physical and/or emotional victimization.
2.) Celebrate Hope reminds people of lost friends and loved ones. Most likely, everyone has known or lost someone to some type of cancer. This is a way to show support for research and development for a cure for one of the leading causes of death people face today.
3.) Breast Cancer awareness is one of the most prevalent causes with one of the strongest followings. With an overwhelming statistic of 1 in 8 women who will develop invasive breast cancer in her life time; this is a topic of concern. Breast cancer is the most frequent and usual diagnosed cancer among women.
4.) Aids awareness is promoted with a “courage band” reminding the world of its global suffering and constant struggle. Every day there is 1,000 children are newly infected with HIV. Only 23% of these children are receiving the required medications and treatments. Help show support for a global cause by pushing for the goal of an AIDs-free generation.
5.) Hunger Relief is another popular cause that could use the support of our more-than-capable population. Every 4 seconds, someone dies from hunger. These wristbands can help unite the starving families and victims of natural disaster to people who are more privileged. 1 out of 5 kids in America, equaling 15 million children go hungry every day. Shocking to most, this issue hits closer to home than one might initially think.
There are plenty of causes out there; you just have to find one that has an emotional connection. Take the time research, volunteer and donate to your local charity and make a difference. There are people who need your help here at home and across the globe.
Benjamin Michaels has been writing, blogging, and working in retail fashion product and development for many years. He visits Bandelz for all of his fundraising, awareness, and charity bracelets.