Solving Common Day To Day Issues With Some Software Solutions

Technological problems are now a part of the daily issues we human beings face, from uncontrollable wallpapers to delinquent files, mp3s and the like. The good news is that there are simple solutions to our software problems. Here is a list of software must haves that could help us in our technological battle.

1. Wallpaper Shifter courtesy of Cyber D’s

Do you experience the following?

  • Too many desktop backgrounds to choose from
  • Not a big fan of backgrounds running by random
  • Irritation from irregular sized wallpapers that fail to fit your screen

If you experience any of the above, then Cyber D’s Wallpaper Shifter is the software solution for you. It pretty much solves the above issues we commonly have with our wallpapers. With this software you can have the following benefits:

  • Does not run in the background and runs only on start-up
  • Remembers what images were used so  users will not see just one random image more than the other images
  • Images are resized or automatically tiled to fit the desktop
  • Simple interface
  • The space surrounding an image can be filled with an artistic edge or a blurred background

2. Audacity

Having trouble editing sounds? The software solution is Audacity, this is a free open source software that records and edits sounds. The software is available for Microsoft Windows, Mac OS X, GNU/ Linux as well as other operating systems. Batch editing is one great feature of this software, if you are not into opening files one by one just to edit them, the software’s feature of editing files in batches can save you from the added hassle. This software is perfect for those in a rush or for those who would only edit sound files once, it is free and it offers basic sound editing features. However for those who would need to edit sound files frequently, it would be advisable to get Adobe Audition or Free Audio Editor.

3. PhotoScape

For photo editing and printing needs, PhotoScape is a great choice. It is a free software that can edit, resize and crop photos by batch. The software has the following tools:

  • Editor
    • Enables users to view and convert photos to black-white, sepia, and greyscale
    • Allows addition of photo frame, resizing, auto level and contrast, adjusting for brightness and colour, sharpening of photos and application of filters for news magazine prints, antique photos, partial blurring and vignetting.
    • Users can add shapes, texts, balloons, lines and images
    • Enables users to do advanced photo editing such as mole removal, red-eye removal, and clone stamp
    • Shows a slideshow of available images in a folder
  • Batch Editor
    • Edits images in groups
  • Page
    • Allows placement of multiple photos to one page (collage)
  • Combine
    • Multiple photos can be attached horizontally or vertically to make a final photo
  • Animated GIF
    • Allows creating of animated gifs from photos
  • Print
    • Prints carte de visites(CDV), passport photos and portrait shots
  • Splitter
    • Photos can be sliced to several pieces
  • Screen Capture
    • Captures screenshots and saves it
  • Colour Picker
    • Zooms, searches and picks a colour
  • Raw Converter
    • Converts RAW images to JPG format

4. Freemake Video Downloader

Video aficionados can benefit greatly from this software. The Freemake Video Downloader allows users to download videos from Facebook, YouTube, MTV, Vimeo and Hulu. It can convert the online videos into MP3, iPod, iPhone, PSP and Android format. It can also extract lossless audio files. The simple interface makes this software easy to use.
For web developers, .Net Test Automation is a good software to test the functionality of your framework.
Dr. Amarendra, the guest author is a tech enthusiast, part time blogger and freelance writer.