New versatile security solution launched by Trend Micro

A latest version of the mobile and the PC security suite has been released by Trend Micro and is termed as Titanium Maximum Security 6.0.

Trend MicroNow Titanium is feasible for almost all platforms including iOS and android and also compatible for Windows 8. The new version of the titanium security will be given for free to all the users who have a valid license of the preexisting version from the official website of Trend Micro.

Without putting too much pressure on the mobile or PC, maximum security is claimed to be provided by the Titanium Security 6.0. The user is provided with simple screens, clear reports and a new interface. In addition, the new version provides protection for Smartphones and tablets, password management, 5GB online storage, parental control and secure document vault.

Users will be able to run antivirus scans with up to date report of the status on a computer’s security together with the shortcuts like Facebook Privacy Scanner. Also the status of protection can be viewed together with online help, details about the antivirus and account information.

For security storage, Trend Micro SafeSync of 5GB is provided. Besides providing protection, the SafeSync allows sharing videos, photos and music. Content on different web-enabled device can also be accessed by the users.

For password management, a feature termed as Trend Micro DirectPass is implied for keeping confidential files safe by creating a Trend Micro Vault, such that without user’s permission no one can get access. In case of theft, this vault can be remotely locked for keeping the files safe. After recovering the computer, the Trend Micro Vault can be unsealed only after the identity is validated.

Secure Erase File Shredder is another feature which prevents hackers from stealing important and sensitive data by making the files unreadable.

“Titanium Maximum Security6.0 is the most reliable all-in-one security solution for all those who not only want to protect all the important data but also want to secure the memories and photos and strengthen their passwords,” the product marketing manager of India and SAARC, Rajat Sahu told.

Another feature of this new suit ‘the Parental Control’ keeps the kids from not watching inappropriate websites, limits the internet time for them, control the apps which they can access and can give review of the activity reports of what they do when they are online. From a wide range of settings, users can select those programs that are recommended by the online experts of child safety for different groups of ages and also customizing the parental settings. Each family member can have different settings from the range.

For improving performance, another feature termed as the System tuner helps in recovering disk space, cleaning the registry, removing instant messaging logs and application histories. PC performance can be optimized by the users by a daily schedule for tuning up the Operating System.