Habits That Are Spoiling Your Mental Health!

Habits That Are Spoiling Your Mental Health!

While there’s a lot of emphasis laid on the importance of physical health, mental health isn’t given due credit. Think of this: If you don’t feel good, till how much time would you feel motivated to carry on with your exercise sessions and live your life well? The answer is not too long. If you are taking steps to take care of your physical health, you must take actions to keep your mental health in check too. You need not devote hours to this but instead keep a tab on your daily habits and patterns. Here are the ways in which you might have been sabotaging your mental health:

Not exercising

If you are able to make out time even for an hour of physical activity daily, you would be bidding goodbye to petty reasons which upset you for no reason. Physical activities are beneficial for health as well as beauty. Exercises release feel-good hormones in your brain which make you feel good and lower the stress level. This is the reason why you feel good after a workout or a long run. You leave your worries behind in those particular moments which provide you relief.

Not getting sufficient sleep

This is one of the biggest ways in which you are killing your mental health. While it’s true that no one remembers the nights they spent sleeping, what also holds truth is that improper sleeping pattern can slowly cause irritability and stress for you. Getting proper amount of sleep is extremely crucial to let your body go under repair process and heal itself. Turn off gadgets at least an hour before you sleep, have herbal tea (buy online at discounted price using healthgenie coupons to relax your mind, sit in silence for 5 minutes to make your mind quiet and have a good night’s sleep on a regular basis.


There are so many people (counts herself in) who have a habit of obsessive thinking making things worse for them. It’s extremely difficult to tame this habit as the struggle is in quieting the mind and fighting against it to not play the same thoughts over and over again. Not just do you breathe incorrectly at that moment but you also end up increasing your heart beat rate. All this takes a toll on your mental health as well as physical health in a drastic manner. This is also a common reason why many people can’t sleep at night in spite of being dead tired.

Not having a proper diet

This is no brainer that what you eat affects your mental health. Yet it’s a shock to see how so many people are casual about it and don’t pay heed to it. A healthy diet is crucial for having a good mental health. Instead of having only 3 main meals, have 3 more mini meals along with them to suppress your hunger pangs and not miss out on nutrients. You can shop for a variety of healthy snacks online at low prices by making use of healthKart coupons present on CashKaro.com. Remember that you are what you eat.

Working excessively

It’s true that work is worship but you need to maintain a fine balance between handling your work and taking care of yourself at the same moment. Working too much throws work-life balance out of the window, makes you tense and increases the risk of getting serious health problems. Make it a priority to schedule some time for you on a daily basis to be in touch with yourself and unplug from the world.