How To Eliminate Scorpions From Your Home

Are you worried about a scorpion problem in your home? These pesky, persistent little critters can pack a wallop. If you forget to check your shoes before putting them on you may receive a shocking surprise from these fiery predators. Scorpions can pose a threat to your children and your pets so make it a priority to get rid of these little suckers before somebody gets stung.

As is usually the case with a pest problem you’re likely inviting scorpions into your home by enticing them with prey. Predators follow the food trail. In the case of scorpions this means bugs like cockroaches are the primary attracting factor. If you get rid of the prey source scorpions will simply bug someone else.

Use a combined approach to get rid of these resourceful creatures. Try mixing up strategies to put the full court press on these feisty little arachnids. They won’t have a chance if you attack the problem from multiple angles.

Use these tips to eliminate scorpions from your home.

Create an Inhospitable Home

Scorpions love shady, damp environments. Scorpion proof your home by getting rid of any rotting lumber or wood piles in your backyard. Keep shrubs in check and cut your grass short to provide scorpions with fewer hiding places. Clean out your garage; the less junk you have around the more likely a scorpion will be caught out in the open. Since this means instant death for any scorpion who’s been spotted by a human these pesky little guys will head somewhere more welcoming.

Sticky Boards

Use glue boards to snag scorpions inside of your home. Place glue boards in closets and also near the bottom of walls. Scorpions love to hide out in closets during day time and hours and these guys usually crawl on walls during the night. When they travel to the floor you’ll likely catch a few of them on the board. Simply pick up the board and dispatch of the arachnid.

Burlap Bag it

Create an irresistible magnet by dampening a burlap bag. Position the bag near where you suspect the scorpions are hanging out within your home. Scorpions seek out damp, shady places. The bag acts as an inviting home for these critters. Pick up the bag in the morning to see if anybody checked in. If so drive to a wooded area some distance from your home and release the scorpion back into nature.

Clean Your Home

Crumbs attract roaches and other pests which attract scorpions. Get to the root of the issue by cleaning your home regularly. Sweep your floors and mop them frequently to keep your home free of debris. By cleaning your home you’ll get rid of both predator and prey pests. Don’t leave dishes around overnight as this attracts pests which can become scorpion food. Broom floors immediately if you note crumbs accumulating and mop up any juice or soda spills quickly. Don’t give roaches and other pests an excuse to visit your home. Get rid of the predator by eliminating the prey.