How You Can Use Pinterest To Furnish & Decorate Your Home Office

Sometimes you know exactly what you want in a home office, and sometimes you need a little inspiration. Whether you need a calming, organized atmosphere or an incredibly creative space, your home office should be designed to fit your work style.
From your computer desk and chair to the paint and accents on the wall, picking out the right furniture and décor for your home office can be challenging, especially if interior design doesn’t come easily to you.  Luckily, there are sites like Pinterest to make it easy to browse a variety of existing decors, color schemes, furniture, and more.
Pinterest is simple to use, even for those who don’t spend every waking moment connected to the internet.  You don’t even have to sign up for a free account to browse, though you may become so addicted that you’ll be signing up in no time anyway.
Here’s a step-by-step guide, along with some helpful links, to using Pinterest to complete your perfect workspace at home.

Step 1: Start With A Broad Search

It’s very possible your perfect space already exists in a picture online.  Start your search on Pinterest by using the search box to search for “home office”.  Once you’re on the search page, you can look at individual pins, or click the “Boards” link to view “albums” that people have made of various home office images for inspiration.
<Insert Pinterest Home Office Search.png>

Step 2: Choosing Your Color Scheme

If you’d rather build your home office from scratch, your best bet is to start with your color scheme – choosing paint and accent colors for your furniture.  If you already have a dream piece in mind (a desk, a chair, a couch, etc.) then you may want to plan your paint scheme around this.  If you haven’t chosen furniture pieces, then starting with a paint scheme will help determine your furniture look later.
Searching Pinterest for terms like “paint color scheme” and “room color scheme” will provide a variety of color palettes and ideas to choose from.  Some pins that caught our eye:

  • Paint Chips
  • Paint Color Scheme
  • Living Room Color Scheme Ideas
  • Color Scheme Ideas Using Reds, Browns & Orange

Choosing Your Desk, Chair & Other Furniture

By now you’re probably seeing a theme – simply search Pinterest to find exactly what you’re looking for.  For example, a search for “computer desk” and “office desk” will yield plenty of desk ideas, as will “office chairs” and “desk chairs”.
For example, at, you can see 20 different desks in a variety of styles like Modern, Glass, Corner, Executive, etc.  At, you can see similar results for chairs.

Wrapping It Up

These steps can be used for just about any room of your house you wish to decorate or furniture you need to replace.  The days of having to drive to the store or hire a decorator are over – thousands of design ideas are at your fingertips online, if know the right places to look.
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