3 Tips For Treating Addiction

Overcoming drug addiction may by the most difficult task for a hardcore user. Getting over the cravings and keeping on the straight and narrow when temptations seem to reel you in makes for a challenging journey. Most people who kick their habit for good built a strong, supportive network of loving folks around them to guide them through the darkest times.

Simply realize how your addiction impacts your life and the lives of those people you love. Spouses, children, parents and friends all suffer through your suffering. You may find yourself in financial ruin if you can’t keep a job. Money problems associated with addiction freely leak over into virtually every area of your life. If you can see how all encompassing your addiction issues become you’ll realize that it’s time for a dramatic change.

This won’t be a comfortable shift but you’ll free yourself by tackling your addiction head on.

Use these tips for treating drug addiction.

List the Reasons

Most people need to become fed up with their current situation before they make a significant change in their lives. Drug addicts should frequently re-visit why they want to change. Think about what’s most important to you: a short high or the love of your family and friends? Look at the costs of your expensive habit. Dwell on how much money, pain and heartache you’d save yourself by getting treatment.

Speak to loved ones. Ask them how your addiction makes them feel. These sessions may sting you but that pain is often the catalyst for a permanent change. Friends and family deliver the most powerful messages because they care for you and love you the most.

Build a list of the reasons. Write this list on a piece of paper and carry it with you wherever you go.

Let Go Poor Influences

Now you’ve reached a critical point in your journey to recovery; you’ll need to let go poor influences to help heal yourself. You know darn well who needs to stay and who needs to go. Kick enablers to the curb. Even if you’ve been friends for years or decades they have no right to help destroy your life. Many loving, caring friends are waiting for you right now. Let go the bad apples to make room for the good eggs.

Realize that this rule applies to any negative influence. Just because someone isn’t pushing dope on you doesn’t mean you should keep them in your life. Negative, dour and pessimistic friends and family members need to go. You don’t need to be around people who talk about their struggles and your difficulties all day long.

Find New Positive Influences

Finding new, positive friends and re-connecting with supportive, loving family members makes your job easier. Positive people will lift you up when you need it. Loving people will tell you the truth when you don’t want to hear it and they’ll also celebrate all of your victories with you along the way.

Connect with positive people via support groups on social media sites like Facebook and Google Plus. Renew bonds with family members. Tell your story. Share your intent to turn your life around for good. Surround yourself with loving influences to accelerate your recovery.

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