The Top 3 Ways That IOT’s Are Impacting Data Centers

In the ever advancing world of computers, technology is constantly evolving and new products are being made. For example, there was a time when professionals may have simply set all their electronic equipment up with little to no protection. Today, you have data center racks, which hold your electronics and cords, keeping them safe and tangle free. One of these changes is IoT, which has been studied in depth in data center news.  

IoT is also known as the Internet of Things and refers to the many different items that now use an IP address to connect to the internet. IP addresses no longer pertain just to desktop or laptop computers, but can be used by tablets, phones, and other devices that can connect to the internet. IoT’s are advancing the world of the internet and the face of technology. So, how is this impacting the data center industry? Here are the top 3 ways that the industry is being affected by IoT’s. 

Power Demand 

The more devices that connect to the internet and obtain IP addresses, the more data and power needs to be out in the world. Those who work in the data center industry understand that as technology advances, the need for larger, more powerful is getting bigger. The infrastructure we have today, simply will not be powerful enough or big enough to support what IoT’s are adding to the world. It is time for the data center industry to find new ways to give the world renewable, lasting, affordable, and reliable power for devices that have internet connectivity. In the next 10-15 years, this industry will greatly expand and new meaning will be given to the work that those who work in it do. 
The Top 3 Ways That IOT's Are Impacting Data Centers

Changing Locations 

As demand change, so does where data centers need to be located. Remote areas are starting to need these types of centers because it is no longer just urban areas that have the ability to connect to the internet and use IoT’s. This means that in the next few years, new data center locations will be popping up in places where there have never been any. It is doubtful that the changing locations will have a negative impact on locations that already exist. If anything, these new locations will bring in more revenue for certain centers to expand and will greatly grow the industry. Big data centers have started moving into more remote areas, such as Google’s move into Finland and Facebook’s move into Sweden. These moves have not only generated more income for these companies, but are giving more places reliable and constant availability to the internet and internet applications. 


Many people view the future as a black hole that cannot really be predicted. However, the growth of IoT’s and therefore data centers. As the use of IoT’s grows, there is more of a need for data centers in more locations and a need for data centers to expand their services. This is a positive impact on the industry because it allows for smaller centers to expand and branch out to new places throughout the world and expand their services. 

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