How To Dress My Dining Table

If you are planning on having a stylish dinner party, the one thing you have to get right is your table dressing. Most people do not bother dressing their dining tables anymore; however it does make a huge difference to your evening. You do not need to spend too much time or money dressing your dining table as it can be done quite easily. You should dress your dining table accordingly to the theme of the evening which you have planned.

Stylish Sophistication

If you are planning a top of the range dinner party, then you are going to want to spend quite a bit of time getting your table dressing right. Get your best dinnerware out for this evening and really impress your guests. You should ensure that you have all matching tableware and glasses. Make sure your glasses are ice cool on the table ready for your guest’s first beverage of the night.  If you pay attention to the little things during your dinner party, it will really show how much you care for your guests.
You should get a gorgeous shimmering table runner to go across the middle of the table, to add to this you should get an extravagant centre piece for your table. A nice idea is to get a gorgeous candle holder, do not see this as a waste of money as you can use your candle holder all year round. Add glitzy sparkles over your table linen to really set that sparkling stylish theme. To show how much care and attention you have put into the evening, you should remember to dress the chairs in the dining room as well. Whether you have a sleek metal chair or a chunky oak chair, you should add matching chair cushions to get your guests really comfy.
To really impress your guests you should buy each of them a glistening little ornament and nestle it in sparkles and tissue paper in a box. Your guests will be able to take their present home and this will remind them of what a fabulous evening you put on.

Seasonal Styles

At Christmas you should spend extra attention on getting your table dressing absolutely perfect. A deep red or bright red will be the perfect colour for your table at Christmas, you can start by adding a deep red place mat for each of your guests, then a matching napkin for each of them. To really get that festive feeling flowing, choose some red candles to sit around your table. To really make your guests Christmas dinner special, place individual wrapped chocolates and a cracker on each person’s place mat.
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