The All-New Samsung Galaxy Grand 3 With Better Processing Better Display: Coming Soon

Till few years back the smart phones that were launched were not as slim as they are today and this is the reason every smart phone manufacturer in the world is trying to design a smart phone that is slim and is packed with amazing features.

The same case is happening with Samsung as the company is coming with much leaner and slimmer smart phones this time. Now everybody is talking about the new design scheme with next Galaxy Grand 3. Here is all that you want to know about the new design scheme to be launched with next Galaxy Grand 3.

Samsung Is All Set To Follow The Rectangular Slab With A Flat Screen

  • Though Samsung tried to promote curved shaped phone, but it didn’t prove to be much of a success and this is the reason the company has shelved it plans to launch another curved shaped phone and is planning to come up with a rectangular slab that will have a flat screen. It is like similar to recently launched Samsung Galaxy S5.
  • Another addition to this rectangular design is going to be vertical edges that are slightly curved towards you. This looks a bit like horizontal axis being deeply curved. Though at this price tag it is little difficult to come up with flexible screens, but as the technology behind silicon and germanium based devices is becoming more and more advanced it seems that very soon flexible screens will also come up at this price tag.

December 2014 Will See Launch Of Galaxy Grand 3 Elegant Design

  • December 2014 is being seen as the month when Samsung will launch Galaxy Grand 3 and customers can expect an elegant design. As usual this time also the rear body of the Galaxy Grand smart phone will have a different color option and orange being quite popular will be a part of every advertising campaign.
  • Samsung is also planning to come with such design which is compatible with its smart watches. There are many parts of the world where Samsung has managed to get a good response for their smart watches and Samsung don’t want to lose these potential markets to their competitors. It means a customer who had already bought a Samsung smart watch should not face any sort of difficulty in connecting it to the latest smart phone from Samsung.

Apart from the external body and design the screen size and quality also matters and this is the reason this Samsung is coming up with 5.4 inch screen that is TFT based and is going to be an HD screen. You also expect the screen to be scratch proof, shock proof, dust proof and the most important water proof. This water proofing will be effective till 1 meter deep water and that too for maximum 30 minutes. Now it is only a matter of few months when Samsung will unleash its latest design of smart phone with Samsung Galaxy Grand 3.