Fax Machines VS Online Faxing – What's The Diff?

The world of business has come a long way in the past fifty or so years, and that includes the way they send documents to and receive them from associated, clients, and other business organizations. Fax capabilities offer the opportunity to get these documents to the receiver in record time, when compared to using what many term ‘snail mail’.
Providing paper printouts to the intended recipient in a matter of minutes instead of days or weeks makes communication in the written form speedier and means business can be completed without lengthy delays. However, with the advent of email, many companies have determined it is in their best interests to forego using the fax machine altogether. Here are some advantages and disadvantages of each.
Problems With Paper
Fax machines are similar to printers in that sometimes the paper can jam or run out entirely. This failure can be on the part of either the sending or receiving machine, and sometimes it is not noticed for some time. In the case of a paper jam, there have been instances where the original document is totally destroyed. This can be a major problem a signature is involved and there is no way to duplicate the process.
Easy Processing
Faxing is often a one step process where all that has to be done is place the document in the tray and send it to the specified number. This is often critical when there is only one hard copy to be used. Sending a document through a fax to email system requires that the hard copy be scanned into a computer and saved to a file, then sent as an attachment in an email. However, when the document is already on a computer file, it is simpler to just send in through an email attachment.
Editing Email to Fax Transmissions
When two parties are collaborating on the same project, it is easier for them to edit documents that are sent through and online fax system. Nevertheless, when documents are not subject to change, sending through a fax machine, or creating them in a read-only document may be the best option.
Using Both
Some companies have determined that they must use both email to fax services as well as having available the option to send or receive faxes through their own fax machines. Those who do, find that they do not always need to have the fax machine powered up, but rather when they need to send hard copies to clients not using an email service.

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Lucas McKay is a blogger and business guy who uses both a fax machine and an online fax service to send faxes.

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