What To Consider When Moving Abroad In Winter

The cold, wet weather and grey skies are the usual suspects when homeowners decide to uproot and move abroad during the winter months. A moving checklist will contain similar points in any season but as the year comes to a close there are a few more considerations to make before calling the international removals team.
Prioritise your possessions
If you’re moving during the colder months make sure that you think carefully about which items you’re sending over first with international removals. When moving to a warmer country ensure the first boxes you send over have appropriate clothing and anything you might need to adjust to the new temperatures. Should your move be taking you somewhere cold, pack yourself some winter comforts. A pair of favourite slippers or a casserole dish can cheer up a chilly moving day.
Book the sitter
Of course when you’re moving, you can’t be in two places at once no matter how much you’d like to be. Whether it’s the house, pets or children that need looking out for, make sure you’ve got the sitter booked in advance or that there’s someone on standby should you need to jet off to your new home in a hurry. The winter months and Christmas period can be busy for many, so check that you have a number of options and people to fall back on. Moving is always stressful so don’t be afraid to ask for help!
Consider the Christmas holidays
Moving during winter means that at some point you may be battling with the Christmas holidays. Try to plan in advance around the festive period. Check if your removals company works over Christmas and, if they do, will they charge much extra to deliver during this time. Since moving around Christmas can be more costly, it can also add extra stress to you and your family. Create a plan to see how you can make it fit around the holidays, and stick with it.
Avoid peak travel times
There will always be some extent of moving backwards and forwards between your new and old homes. Finding ways to save money on travel is a consideration whatever time of year you move. Flights are typically cheaper on weekdays and, wherever possible, you should avoid going on weekends. The weeks leading up to Christmas will be more expensive for travel, particularly if you are moving to a warmer, winter-sun destination. If your festivities are on hiatus due to the move, consider travelling on Christmas Eve or Boxing Day, often you can find cheap, last minute travel options.
Moving abroad during the winter months can be an exciting experience for you and your family. By ensuring that you are organised, you’re working with a good company, and you have considered strains of going over the Christmas period, the new venture can be relatively stress-free and simple.
Bill Weston is a freelance content writer who writes on a number of subjects including travel, moving abroad and international removals.