Creating A Winter Wonderland; Your Step-By-Step Guide

Christmas is just around the corner (now now, don’t be a scrooge) and if you are eager to transform your garden into a walking winter wonderland, then don’t panic because here is your step-by-step guide. You’ll find that by following these cool tips you can have a Summer garden which is absolutely gorgeous and a Winter garden which is nothing short of inspiring.

Snow Canopies

For a truly traditional snow-covered garden you need evergreens, trees and garden furniture. Evergreens look absolutely gorgeous covered in snow, and they add a splash of colour which is fantastic when it’s placed against the crisp, white backdrop of the snow.
Trees are another great addition to a garden in winter – the dark skin of their bark and their skeletal structure is beautiful and haunting. They also add a sense of mythical charm to an otherwise neutral background.
Following that, garden furniture and statues are a fantastic asset. You can keep them out all year, and in the winter months they retain their character, adding shape and dimension to a flat garden.
By having trees, shrubs and statues you are adding a structure to your garden which will remain, even when the snow has covered the ground. It’s precisely for this reason why you should consider placing topiary along walkways and paths for a walkway which you can see in all weather.

Colourful Plants…In Winter?

Believe it or not there are a few plants which offer a splash of colour here and there, from the quintessentially Christmas themed mistletoe, to red berries and evergreens. There is actually a lot of choice, and when you choose plants for the winter you need to double check that they are sturdy enough to withstand the bitter cold.

Water Features

Picture the scene – you walk over to your window, you look out over the snow covered garden to see an ice covered pond, frosted over – a singular item alone in the cold apart from the statue which has been carefully positioned nearby. It’s a beautiful and picturesque scene which adds texture and depth to a garden, creating a space would easily sit on the front of a greeting card.
If you are still lacking inspiration take to the card shops and browse through the snow covered scenes often depicted on the front. They are filled with snow covered leaves, shrubs and delicate flowers re4siliently poking through the blanket of snow. It’s unsurprising why Christmas is so magical, when you look out the window and see the world fresh faced, with a crisp white layer of untouched snow waiting to be pounced on by eager children and birds.

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This article was written by Gayle Brown on behalf of SP Landscapes; professional tree surgeons who can help create a winter wonderland in your back garden.