8 Steps To A More Comfortable Workspace

Creating an inviting, comfortable workspace is definitely important! It will not only help you to get more accomplished during the day, but will also help you to stay more focused and motivated as you work. If you think that comfort in the home office has to come with a high cost, you will be very pleasantly surprised to learn that these eight easy tips will not require you to spend a fortune! These tips are so easy that anyone can implement them, and they can make a world of difference for any home office in desperate need of a quick makeover!

Step #1… Clean Up

While cleaning might not be your favorite thing to do, it is especially imperative that you take this step. Getting rid of clutter and organizing your workspace will help to set you up for a more productive and stress-free work day.

Step #2… Light It Up

One of the most overlooked aspects of every home office is lighting. We often just throw a lamp on the desk, or flip a switch to light the area… but a little bit of time spent selecting light sources that make you feel relaxed and comfortable can make a big difference. Try experimenting with indirect lighting, or opening the windows to see if natural light is what you prefer.

Step #3… Arrange Your Workspace

This is a very crucial element to consider when it comes to any home office. Arranging your workspace so that it is easy to navigate and inhabit will make it much more inviting and easy to spend time in. Try to make it easy to get behind your desk, and eliminate obstacles that could make you feel ‘closed in’ while you work.

Step #4… Think Ergonomically

Eliminating wrist, neck, back, and eye fatigue is essential to being comfortable as you work. I actually took this step in my own office after hearing from a friend who had been seeing a chiropractor for lower back pain relief in Brighton MI because of his poor office setup. Here is a short checklist of things to look over, just to make sure that your office is as ergonomic and comfortable as possible.

  1. Make sure that your computer monitor is at a comfortable height
  2. Make sure that you are using a mouse pad with a wrist support
  3. Make sure that your chair and desk are at the right height for maximum comfort

Step #5… Decorate To Taste

I believe that it is exceptionally important that you personalize your office. Try to use your own style and tastes to make your work space ‘your own’ wherever possible. Consider using family photos, attractive wall hangings, decorations, and even houseplants to spruce up your work area to make it more inviting and personal.

Step #6… Add Audio

If music helps you work, then add a CD or MP3 player to your workspace so that you can have some pleasant background noise. If music is not your thing, then consider using relaxation noises or soundscapes. Personally, I enjoy listening to the sound of a waterfall when I work, so I bought some CDs that contain hours of recorded waterfall audio to listen to as I write.

Step #7… Utilize Pleasant Scents

Scents can play a big role in making your workspace more inviting and relaxing. Try buying an air freshener, lighting candles, or burning incense to achieve the desired effect. Try to choose scents that relax you and make you more productive. Avoid harsh scents that make you cough or aggravate your eyes.

Step #8… Add a Coffee Pot

Do you enjoy drinking coffee? Add a coffee pot to your home office! This will keep you from feeling like you have to leave to get some well-deserve caffeine… but it will also help to keep you from being distracted by an unplanned trip away from your office space. Not into coffee? Then install a small mini fridge and keep your favorite cold beverages on standby!
Setting up a comfortable, inviting workspace might take a little bit of time and effort, but the results are well worth it! You will be amazed at how much more you will appreciate your work when you enjoy being in your office as much as you enjoy being in any other room of your home!
Mark Harris is a successful freelance writer who makes his home on the beautiful Canadian west coast of White Rock, BC. When he is not working, he is an avid kayaker, hiker, and loves to spend time outdoors with his wife and friends. Mark regularly utilizes online resources like http://www.awesomedr.com when researching and coming up with ideas for articles.