Know The Different Types Of Water Jet Cutting Machines

It may sound impossible for many people that water can cut hard metals. Well, it is true! Water jet cutting is the most advanced technology to cut hard metals in any shape and form. It is the process of cutting hard sheets of metal by utilizing high pressure stream of water that contains some specific abrasive particles.

The water jet cutting machines are widely used today to slice different types of materials and metals. However, there are some specific types of machines that best for certain materials. For instance, the normal water jet machines can cleanly shred any soft materials, while the abrasive water jet machines are perfect for shredding any type of harder materials.

The abrasive water jet machines are further categorized into few different types – slurry abrasive water jet machine and entrainment types. However, the abrasive water jet machines are more advanced than the latter category. These machines are generally used for the purpose of cutting hard materials cleanly, precisely and quickly.

Standard water jet machines also use stream of water and the water is sufficiently pressurized so that the machine can cut through materials efficiently and precisely. The standard machines are basically used by industries to slice down softer materials and the materials having several cracks. This standard tool can easily slice any materials cleanly. Some of the most common materials that you can cut with the use of standard water jet machines are tissue paper, interiors of cars, and diapers. . For more information visit at Semyx.

To slice the harder materials you will always require the abrasive water jet machines. In these machines the water is used to impel the abrasive particles present in the machine so that the machine can easily slice down any kind of harder materials. The abrasive materials that are used in this machine are different kinds of rocks that are round into sand particles. These abrasive water jet machines are generally used to cut harder materials like ceramics, stone and metal. The slurry system in abrasive machines works by amalgamating the abrasive particles with the water before the water is pressurized. However, this system is likely to accelerate wear on machine and as a result it demands for frequent repairs and maintenance. This is the only drawback associated which this type of machine and the end result is outstanding.

The abrasive entrainment water jet cutting machines work by mixing the abrasive particles with the water after it is passed through the nozzle. When the particles are impelled forward with the use of water, the particles are sent out of the orifice in the form of stream. This is the most effective system that leads to less wear on machines.

Most of the people also make use of abrasive suspension water jet technology because they are efficient and globally recognized for cutting materials quickly and precisely without many efforts. These were some of the different types of water jet machines that are widely used across different industries for the purpose of cutting materials precisely. But, to select the right machine it is important to d