Beautify Your Bakery – How To Create Attractive Refrigerated Displays

Beautify Your Bakery – How to Create Attractive Refrigerated Displays
The tantalizing scent of freshly baked goods is enough to entice customers into a shop but with refrigerated display cases, it is possible to intrigue customers from a distance. Attractive displays will be a powerful marketing technique for a business, and regardless of the type of food, these arrangements will work effectively. In addition to eye-catching displays tempting consumers, it will also be useful for extending food shelf life. To promote baked goods and reflect the hard work that has gone into making them, the following ideas should be taken into account.
People are said to be influenced by warm colors such as orange, red and yellow. By injecting these colors into the front of a refrigerated display, customers will feel more inclined to buy. Whether this color is achieved through icing, food coloring, toppings or colored display stands and cloths, appetites will be stimulated.

Most people entering a bakery will be looking forward to satisfying their sweet tooth. Therefore by cross-merchandising products, more emphasis can be focused on each individual item. For example, a muffin would work well with a cup of coffee or cream cheese will look exceptional with bagels. Displaying certain ingredients such as cherries for cherry scones will also captivate customers.

To draw attention to baked goods in refrigerated display cases, lighting should be incorporated. Many cases will be built with lights, and these can be positioned to accentuate particular foods. Ambient light will be suitable because it will not dry out the food and when set at an angle, various textures can be emphasized.
For customers to know exactly what they are looking for, it is worth creating some signs with detailed prices. Using colored card that complements the color of the baked goods will look striking and will make it easy for customers to calculate the price.

Group Goods
Placing similar items together in rows will not only create a rainbow of colors and textures, but also, it will make the process of finding specific foods effortless. Cheesecakes and custard-based desserts should be arranged together and dry foods such as bagels and bread should be paired elsewhere.
Use Height
When wedding cakes are placed on tiers, it creates a dramatic effect, and this can be accomplished when using refrigerated display cases, too. Adding some height will allure customers and will also expand room, making it easier to introduce a wider range of goods.
Shelf Life
It will be challenging to tempt customers with products that don’t look appetizing and so it is vital to arrange foods by their expiration date. Keep fresh foods at the front and perishable foods near the back.

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