A Closer Look At Ray Ban's New 'Legends' Collection

Ray Bans are the designer glasses brand of choice for a plethora of celebrities and the frames have appeared in countless iconic movies, including Top Gun, Men in Black, Breakfast at Tiffanys, The Bourne Legacy and many more…
The Ray Ban brand was founded in 1936, when eye health brand Bausch & Lomb designed a pair of sunglasses for Lieutenant John Macready who needed shades to protect his eyes from the sun during a flight.  From this moment, Ray Bans were favoured by the US Air Corps for their unique, flattering style and functionality in the air force and the gold metal frame with dark green tinted lenses quickly became the Ray Ban trademark style.
When General Douglas MacArthur was photographed stepping off the plane onto a Philippines beach during World War II, the brand was immortalized and secured its position as the forerunner in eyewear fashion.
Today, the glasses and sunglasses are immensely popular among the buying public as the brand continues to release new, exciting ranges. In fact, Ray Ban have recently released their ‘Legends’ Collection which include 4 of their most popular frame shapes remodeled in premium materials with interesting vintage lens colours. The new releases strive to give the customer a look that is individual and original, whilst reinforcing the brand’s prestige and eminence in the fashion world.
The Aviator is, as mentioned, Ray Ban’s most iconic frame shape and has since sparked countless replicas. The ‘Legends’ Collection features this classic frame with 3 different lens tint options, including green, light blue and rose pink. The rose pink in particular offers a feminine retro feel.
The second style in the new collection is the ‘Laramie’. This frame is similar to the Wayfarer but with a hitched nose bridge and wide acetate frame. These are available with lens tints in light brown to complement an ombre/tortoiseshell frame, green with tortoiseshell and blue frame, light blue with brightly-coloured paint splash frame and a light rose tint with deep violet and blue frame. The green lenses create a particularly retro feel when combined with the classic vintage-style tortoiseshell.
The round sunglasses are the most recognizably retro frames in the collection. Reminiscent of John Lennon’s favourite round pink shades, these are once again available in rose pink, green and sky blue tints with a delicate gold frame.
Though similar in shape to the Laramie glasses, the ‘Meteor’ frames are more muted in colour with navy blue and army green tones topping tortoiseshell rims.  The 1077/62 frames in navy and tortoiseshell are particularly eye-catching with a slight quirky twist.
As Ray Ban continues to offer unique ranges of sunglasses, the brand will no doubt contribute to earn its place as the forerunner in eyewear fashion, delivery unrivalled quality and style to customers worldwide.
Victoria writes for Direct Sight, an online store for cheap prescription glasses.