Top 10 Hybrid Cars That Will Amaze You

Top 10 Hybrid Cars That Will Amaze You

A hybrid car is one that uses more than one means of propulsion, they can have an internal combustible engine and one or more electric motors. Hybrid cars combine the benefits of gasoline and electric motors to improve fuel economy and achieve increased power. The top ten hybrid cars that will amaze you include the following:-

Toyota Prius

> Toyota Prius is the first mass produced hybrid car.
> It delivers average performance, it can hit 60mph from a standstill in 10 seconds
> Over the years this vehicles design has evolved to its latest stylish iteration
> Despite having enormous batteries and electric drive train components it has room in the rear for three people and the boot has 408litres of space
> The Prius achieves 72.43mpg on the combined fuel economy
> This vehicle has class leading low carbon dioxide emissions per kilometer driven and low costs running
> It has a parking assist feature, a heads up display showing vehicle speed, a solar panel at the roof that powers the climate control system and an inbuilt 40GB hard drive.
> A Toyota Prius will cost you £20,265

Lexus RX 450H

> This vehicle is a very attractive four wheel drive
> It has a fuel economy of 44.8mpg and emits 145g of carbon dioxide
>This vehicle is actually faster than most hybrids
> It has the largest space
> The technology of this car is top notch, it has a heads up display that shows speed and navigation on the windscreen. It also has an inbuilt 40GB hard drive and a Mark Levinson sound audio setup
> It costs £43,600

Honda Insight

> This vehicle stands out when it comes to safety
> It has a 64.2mpg fuel economy and a 101g of carbon dioxide emissions per kilometer driven
> The Insight has top speed of 113mph
> It is good looking and very reliable
> It costs £14,995

Honda CR – Z

> This vehicle has a top speed of 124mph
> It achieves 117mpg and emits 56g of carbon dioxide per kilometer driven
> It is quite the sporty car
> It is has excellent looks and is so much fun to drive
> It costs £16,999

Lexus Gs 450H

> This vehicle achieves 37.2mpg and emits 179g of carbon dioxide
> It has a built in smog sensor, a DAB radio and voice recognition
> It is smart looking with high performance
> This Lexus costs £43,677

Honda Civic ES

> It average in its performance with a top speed of 115mph
> The civic ES achieves 61.4mpg and emits 109g of carbon dioxide
> It is a fairly attractive car with a 8 CD changer and an optional Bluetooth kit
> It costs £18,975

Chevrolet Volt

> This a very planet friendly car
> It has 62mpg fuel efficiency
> It is very attractive
> It can go for 38 miles on full charge

Toyota Arius

> Arius has a fuel efficiency of 74.3mpg and emits 80g of carbon dioxide
> It has a top speed of 112mph
> It has comfortable rear seats able to accommodate three people.
> It costs £19,138

Toyota Camry XLE

> The Toyota Camry hybrid is one of the Japanese giant Eco-friendly cars
> It has a fuel economy of 41mpg
> It is comfortable, spacious and excellent driver visibility

Porsche Panamera SE

> This vehicle can travel 23 miles just using electric power
> It has a top speed of 84mph
> When electric charge goes out a v6 gasoline engine takes over
> It is a good looking car

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