5 Deadly Diseases To Watch Out For In 2013

Every year there is something new, foods to stop eating as they are bad for your health and things to stop doing as they will lead to life threatening illness, so what is in store for us in 2013?
• Malaria, which is transmitted via the tick has the potential to be life threatening. This year has seen a dramatic rise in reported cases, and 2013 is expected to keep up with this trend. Those who already have weak immune systems are at a very high risk and have a low survival rate. The illness can be carried without presenting any symptoms and can therefore go undetected. This means that when the sufferer does finally start showing symptoms it may be too late to treat successfully.
• Cancer is nothing new; it has been one of the biggest killers each year since the disease was discovered. There are many forms of cancer, and even though people are now more aware of what can cause it the number of fatalities still increases. People can cut out smoking, which is believed to be the biggest cause, but even so things they did 30 or even 40 years go can now be coming back to haunt them health wise. Asbestos is no longer used in buildings but back then no one knew of the risks. They worked with asbestos without wearing any protective equipment. The exposure to the asbestos dust stays in the lungs. Over time this develops into aggressive forms of lung cancer. The people who worked with the substance all those years ago are now seeking treatment for the disease. If caught early enough cancer is treatable, however some forms of cancer are hard to spot and diagnosed far too late, therefore the prognosis is not so good.
• Heart disease is, or should be a massive worry to anyone who has or is prone to obesity, who has high blood pressure or diabetes. It is also a fairly common problem in the elderly. Blocked arteries after years of living on high fat foods, enjoying a little too much alcohol and smoking leads to Ischemic Heart Disease which means a high risk of heart attacks which can often be fatal. In this day and age where obesity is on the rise more people are becoming prone to heart disease. A healthier lifestyle, an improved diet and a light exercise program can help to ward off the symptoms of this potentially fatal illness.
• Reported cases of strokes are on the rise. Some people can suffer small strokes and never even realize they have until a doctor informs them of it after running tests. Some people have obvious symptoms of a stroke which can occur at any time. Some people wake up after suffering a stroke in their sleep, or it can happen while reading a newspaper or watching television or enjoying other day to day activities. Symptoms include paralysis down one side of the body, slurred speech and loss of co-ordination. Getting medical help quickly can vastly improve a person’s chances of surviving a stroke. Knowing what signs to look out for can save someone’s life.
• No list of deadly diseases is complete without the inclusion of AIDS and HIV. At one time awareness of AIDS was high, but recently there has been a rise in reports of unprotected sex, teenage pregnancy and other high risk behaviors. There is still no cure for AIDS and so it is possibly the deadliest of all diseases.
Being sensible and taking care of yourself and your body can help to keep some of these deadly diseases at bay. However, regular medical checks can also help to catch any problem in time so that treatment has a better chance of success.

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