Growing and Keeping Your Social Media Following Alive

Social media is not the evil entity many business owners fear. Though keeping up a social media marketing campaign does take time, it can be one of the best advertising tools a small business owner can utilize. Not only does social media give fans and followers easy access to your business, it also makes it possible for fans to easily share your posts and promote your business. Plus, social media networking costs little to no money—a smart money saving tool.

Solve Problems

Give the answers your fans are seeking in relation to the products and service you offer. Be the solution to their problem needs. You can find out more about your customers by hosting various Q&A sessions on your social media site. Post questions about various needs related to your business and allow your followers the time to answer.

Be Informative

Regularly share useful information your fans will be inclined to read. Through the above suggestion of posting Q&A sessions on your social media page you will find out what your fans truly want. In addition to fixing their problems, post informative articles about upcoming events, products and services you will be offering in the future.

Be Interactive

Do not post at your fans. Post with your fans. Be there for them and continually interact with every fan and follower. If someone posts a comment or uploads an image onto your page, make a comment so the follower knows you’re paying attention. Even something as simple as a thank you will let your fans know you care enough to read their comments, questions and criticisms.

Offer Incentives

Offer your fans and followers a reason to follow. Put yourself in their shoes and think about what they will take away from your small business social media page. Consider offering a special for everyone who likes you page, or offer contests for current fans. Incentives can be as simple as a free sample or discount on a future purchase.

Things to Watch

Do not over promote your business or talk too much about yourself. It is okay to add a promotional post when it is necessary, but you want to be there to meet the needs of your fans. Do not badmouth the competition and avoid posting or discussing controversial topics, including politics. Watch your spelling and grammar. If you want to make a professional impression, keep your posts that way. The great attention to detail that more your followers will know you’re serious about sticking around for the long haul.

Be Patient

Your social media networking campaign will not be an overnight success. Success is something that has to be nurtured. In the beginning, you will be spending a lot of time attracting fans and followers to your site. After that, you will spend most of your time keeping them there, while still attracting new fans.

There are many different types of social media avenues for your small business to explore. The more avenues you venture down, the more exposure your business will get. However, if you are not familiar with social media networking it is not a good idea to jump in with both feet. Pick one – LinkedIn, Facebook, Twitter, YouTube or Google+ – master it and add another one when you are comfortable. Social media is the new marketing trend and can be tool for your small business.