OCZ Technology Partners with CMS Peripherals for Distribution in the UK and Ireland

OCZ Technology Group, Inc. (Nasdaq:OCZ), a arch provider of high-performance solid-state drives (SSDs) for accretion accessories and systems, has partnered with CMS Peripherals to access the availability of the OCZ calendar of SSD and adeptness administration solutions for reseller audience in the United Kingdom and Ireland.

CMS Peripherals provides its barter with a abundance of accumulator and chump electronics products, and is focused on affair accretion appeal for high-performance accumulator solutions beyond a advanced spectrum including alone multimedia administration to action IT infrastructures. CMS’s focus and adeptness in this breadth has contributed to the company’s position as adopted accomplice for the better UK and Irish resellers for some of the best acclaimed IT brands, added accretion OCZ’s attendance in the all-embracing accumulator market.

“OCZ is aflame to accomplice with CMS Peripherals to accomplish our solid accompaniment accumulator articles added broadly accessible in the UK and Ireland,” said Richard Singh, CSO at OCZ Technology Group. “CMS is a accustomed baton in the administration of accumulator articles and we allotment their focus on accouterment barter with best of brand accumulator solutions that bear above performance, reliability, and all-embracing value.”

Paul Nevitt, Business Manager at CMS said, “We are committed to the accumulator exchange and we see SSD technology as a cardinal accession to aerial achievement storage. Adding OCZ to our band agenda added strengthens our artefact alms and helps to position CMS as a baton in solid accompaniment technology solutions. We are committed to accepting the best band up of SSDs and we are aflame to add a aggregation like OCZ Technology.”

CMS Peripherals will administer OCZ’s complete band of accumulator and PSU solutions, revolutionizing abounding aspects of accretion and IT, including performance, durability, and adeptness efficiency, with added TCO (total amount of ownership) accumulation for a array of applications.

About OCZ Technology Group, Inc.

Founded in 2002, San Jose, CA-based OCZ Technology Group, Inc. (OCZ), is a baton in the design, manufacturing, and administration of aerial achievement and reliable Solid-State Drives (SSDs) and exceptional computer components. OCZ has congenital on its adeptness in accelerated anamnesis to become a baton in the action and chump SSD markets, a technology that competes with acceptable alternating alluring adamantine deejay drives (HDDs). SSDs are faster, added reliable, accomplish beneath calefaction and use decidedly beneath adeptness than the HDDs acclimated in the majority of computers today. In accession to SSD technology, OCZ additionally offers aerial achievement apparatus for accretion accessories and systems, including enterprise-class adeptness administration articles as able-bodied as leading-edge computer gaming solutions. For added information, amuse visit: www.ocztechnology.com

About CMS Peripherals Limited

Founded CMS Peripherals is a amount added benefactor of abstracts accumulator and aegis articles and solutions in the UK and Ireland. Real amount added account is an capital basic of success over the accomplished 23 years. CMS Peripherals’ absolute hypothesis centres on the customer, and this appearance forms the foundation of their drive to body continued abiding and acknowledged relationships. For added information, amuse appointment www.cmsperipherals.com

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