A Review Survey Crafter Professional

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In business there an old adage that goes, “the customer is always right”. If this is so, then it behooves you to find out the needs and preferences of your customers, to keep your products or services relevant and appealing to them. To perform a market research, business will often use the services of professionals who can charge exorbitant prices for their services. Fortunately, there are other methods that business could utilize that maybe more cost efficient, and reliable to use. One of these methods is to use a survey software, such as survey crafter professional.

If you lack knowledge or experience on how to conduct and tabulate a survey, then it may seem to be a daunting and frustrating thing to do. But with the help of a survey software, it can be an easy task to perform. Survey crafter professional can help you to determine current trends among your consumers, and calculate their needs on a mathematical basis. It is designed to provide surveyors with freedom on how to formulate questions and the relevant analytical tools which make it possible for them to tabulate relevant and accurate results. It has certain features that make it possible for you to develop appealing and effective surveys to your customer base, which include:

A user friendly interface:

Survey crafter professional has a very user friendly interface, that will allow you to come up with personalized survey forms, by being able to infuse your company logo, use a variety of question types, etc. it also makes the design process quick and easy through a drag and paste option, that allows you to quickly transfer the question types you want directly onto the survey form. You also get sample surveys which you could use as a template, to design your own.

Statistical analysis:

in order to interpret the data in a manner that is easy to understand, the software is able to perform a statistical analysis of the data collected, and present in a more visually friendly format, such as graphs, frequency tables, correlation matrices, etc.


this survey software is able to provide the survey takers some form of flexibility, on how the can take the survey. Surveys that are published online can be done in pieces, i.e. if the respondent is not able to complete the survey in their allocated time period, they can choose to complete it at some later time, without having to start all over.
We found the survey crafter professional to be proficient enough to perform both scientific and market research, and yet easy to use for complete novices. Pricing on this software will vary depending on the type of organization you represent and the version type, so you can get a good deal depending on your needs.