Good Morning! Six Things You Need to Do Every Morning

A holistic morning ritual is the best investment you could every make for your health and happiness. Don’t neglect your morning exercise, healthy food intake and positive reinforcement routines, which can lift your mood for the day and make sure you’re looking after your health in the best way possible.
Not sure where to start? Check out the following suggestions for some great ways to enhance your lifestyle in the mornings…
Drink a cup of tea
The relaxing qualities of a beautiful cup of tea are often underestimated. While you retreat to the kitchen bench with your morning paper, prepare a small teapot to surround yourself with the gorgeous aroma and distinguished taste of your personal favourite tea variety! You’ll be feeling calm and collected before you know it.
Try some yoga!
Grab a gym mat to try your hand at some yoga moves! If it’s a nice mild morning, place the mat outside in the fresh air and sunshine. Not only will you be getting your daily dose of Vitamin D, but the benefits of yoga include an increase in core strength, muscle tone and definition, which are sure to get you feeling more confident and fit than ever before.
Stretch it out
Don’t underestimate the power of a good stretch. After you’ve done your yoga routine or morning walk with the dog, stretch each limb to a comfortable degree for 20 seconds. This can avoid muscle stiffness and soreness throughout the day as your body will adapt and respond to any movements it needs to endure!
Eat a large, but healthy breakfast
Breakfast really is the most important meal of the day. Kick start your metabolism with a lovely serving of scrambled eggs, or wholemeal cereal with fresh fruit sprinkled on top. Besides tasting great, these foods have long lasting energy which is essential in any fabulous diet, and can help you fight cravings for snacks which loom mid morning and during the late afternoon!
Brush your teeth!
You’d be surprised how many people forget to brush their teeth in the morning. Some consider this a great trick to keep them off the snack binge between breakfast and lunch. Having clean teeth and fresh breath is not only a confidence booster, but will have you rejecting that tooth staining lolly fix and iced mocha with whipped cream which your work colleagues might tempt you with.
Walk to work
If getting to work only involves a 2 or 3-minute drive, then ditch the car and get your body moving by walking there! Chuck on some runners to protect your feet, ankles and leg muscles, and focus on a brisk pace which will help you to improve your overall fitness and trim down that waistline. If work is a little further away, walk to the station or bus stop instead – you’ll save on petrol too!
Linda Campbell is a writer who is currently trying to change her diet and health routine.