Party Themes For Girls

It’s difficult coming up with new and exciting themes for children’s parties, but there is nothing wrong with picking a common theme, as long as it’s done well. Most children won’t want something unusual; all they want is a party their friends will be impressed by. A lot of children’s parties are just ‘fancy dress’ theme. But I think it is nice to have a solid theme that everyone can enjoy and dress up for. For the most part little girls will be happy with girly themes such as Disney or princesses. Here are a few common themes and how to do them well-
Fairy Theme
A popular theme amongst girls, this theme can involve more than putting a pair of wings on. Lay tables with white table clothes, use ivy and fake red berries as table decorations. A lovely idea is to wrap ivy round the base of a take tier for each table. And what cake is more fitting for a fairy themed party than a fairy cake. You can make your own and buy floral cake wraps and little fairies on sticks to put ontop of the cakes. Don’t forget plenty of glitter, this should be on the tables, cakes and the children (if their parents are happy with this!) As presents to take home a little personalised pot of ‘fairy dust’ is perfect with each child’s name on.
Baking Theme-
A slightly different idea than the usual party games and sit down tea, why not host a party where the children get to bake cakes themselves. Ask them to come ‘fancy dress’ in their own aprons and baking outfits. Lay everything out before they come. If your kitchen isn’t big enough so the children can bake their own cakes why not prebake some or buy some pain cakes and lay out decorating bits and bobs. Prepare sandwiches and set tables before the children arrive. Once the children have finished decorating the cakes they can then sit down to lunch and try their own cakes. They can take home their own cakes in party bags or boxes too.
Alice In Wonderland Theme-
With so many different characters in this book by Lewis Carroll fancy dress ideas won’t be in short. Have a ‘merry unbirthday’ tea party. Have extracts from the book printed onto table mats, china tea pots filled with black currant juice (not many children like tea), triangle sandwiches and cupcakes. Have a Queen of hearts game of crocket and play ‘Button, button who’s got the button?’
Eilidh MacRae is writing on behalf of Love The Little Things and would reccomend them for party supplies.