What To Expect At Your First Dermatologist Visit

What To Expect At Your First Dermatologist Visit

The best thing you can do to help clear up your acne is to see a dermatologist. But if you’ve never seen a dermatologist before, you’re probably curious what’s going on and what you can expect for your first visit. On your first trip to the dermatologist, here are some other things that you should expect.

Be prepared to answer questions regarding your medical history 

Your first visit to the dermatologist starts out much like a regular visit to the regular doctor. You’re going to be asked about your medical background, drugs, health conditions and the like. You may want to take a few steps to make arrangements before your visit. Write down any acne treatments you are using (or have tried) over-the-counter, and any prescriptions you are currently taking. Chances are high that you will get another prescription from your dermatologist, and to prevent interactions, it is vital that he knows about your current medications.

Your dermatologist will examine your skin for things other than acne

Don’t be surprised if you’re asked to disrobe one of those lovely paper gowns and put them on. If it’s the first time you’ve ever seen a dermatologist, you might be treated for other skin conditions with a full-body examination. For instance, suspicious moles. But if you have made the appointment because of acne, this might sound unusual, remember that your dermatologist is there to support you with all your skin issues, including those you do not even know about.

Expect to be treated respectfully

The vast majority of dermatologists are practitioners who sincerely desire to assist and have the best interests of their patient at heart. That being said, there are a couple of random “bad apples” outside. Don’t stand for a rude or demeaning dermatologist, don’t waste any time looking at your skin and listening to your complaints, or selling your skin care items hard. With this person, you should feel relaxed, and your dermatologist should act professionally and respectfully. If that person’s not relaxed or secure, it might be time to find a new dermatologist.

You will most likely leave with a prescription

Your dermatologist will possibly recommend an acne treatment drug for you after she has examined your skin and collected all the necessary information. In general, you should expect to leave on that day with a prescription.

Expect to make more than one visit

If all you had to do was make one appointment, get medicine, and never have to think about acne again, it would be great. Unfortunately, that is not the way acne functions. It may often take a couple of attempts to reach the right medication that will work well for your acne, or combination of treatments. So don’t be discouraged by those visits to return.

When you have a substantial clearance of your acne, your dermatologist may always want to see you regularly and make sure the drug you have works well, the side effects don’t affect you too much, and simply check your skin’s overall health.

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  1. It’s great to know that dermatologists can make prescriptions after a visit to help you get over your skin condition. My wife has been struggling with a lot of acne and skin irritations lately, and we want to do everything to help her get better quickly so she won’t be bothered by them while working. I’ll find her a dermatologist right away and ask them for whatever prescription they would recommend for her so her treatment can be quicker.

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