Best Ideas How To Design Your Living Room — Wall Colour, Shape, Tips, Popular Styles

Best Ideas How To Design Your Living Room — Wall Colour, Shape, Tips, Popular Styles

An ideal living room design would have some common aspects to it that it reflects the personality of the person using it. Here are some great ideas to designing your living room. before read them you need to ask some questions from yourself. 

How To Determine One’s Living Room Design?

The design aesthetics of your living room style comes primarily from what utility the room serves for the house. The entire layout of the room depends on the functional needs of the living room. It further adds personality to the space. While you start designing your living room it is important to consider some key aspects like the kind of lifestyle suited for you, the space of your living room, dining et al; or a small and cosy space — the floorplanning the colour of the walls, and what kind of character you want to add in your personal space. 

How To Choose The Color For Your Living Room?

The choice of color for your living room walls is foremostly connected to the size of your room. A dependable guideline here is that if your living room is a little space, one is obviously proposed to go for nonpartisan shades or pastel tones, while for a greater space one ought to for the most part go for striking shades, tints and popup colors. In the context of a small space, the idea is to trick the eyes into making the room appear spacious. Big mirrors, more windows, and small scale furniture add to a lightweight appearance to the room. With respect to a bigger space, there is an opportunity to play with the spaces and corners. The room can be designated in zones based on utility purposes — a lounge area, a writer’s desk, a dining area, or a media zone. Another essential aspect to considering the wall color for your living room is how much natural light enters the space because lighting can make a difference to how the room feels. The idea is to create a balanced atmosphere in the room irrespective of whether you paint the room entirely in one color, create patterns or make an accent wall.

Why The Shape Of A Living Room Is Important?

There are essentially five types of living room shapes

Long Living Room

 A good idea to this is to add bookshelves, built-in bar, or even a small writer’s desk area. This helps to give the room a purpose rather than solely intending to fill in space. Find small pieces of decor and a lot of them to rather fill in these zones. And this way the living room will give less of a hallway feel.

Square shape Living Room

Structuring this sort of living room can be precarious. The thought is to not just push all furnishings against the divider since this will leave the seating territory a long way from one another and make a vacuum in the inside. Or maybe, try different things with colors and add surface to the dividers to draw away from the imprisonment of the jumbled space. 

Open Living Room

The best kind of living room that can be, it allows for ease of space and experimenting with the proper placing of decor. Usually a space like this is divided into a dining area and a sofa place, but it could also give ample space for a lounge area or a bar unit place, or even a prayer place.To get an efficient layout, keep the flow around decor open so the family can be together and yet do numerous things at the same time.

L-shaped Living Room

A room like this is more than often used for hallway-and-seating-place or dining-and-seating-place.

What Are The Specific Tips To Consider While Designing Your Living Room?

There are no hard and fast rules on how to design and decorate your living room. However, one piece of advice to consider is that irrespective of the size of the room, the idea is to create a balanced atmosphere and making maximum use of space. This however also does not mean you go overboard with decorating the place. The idea is to put the room to proper usage and yet maintain space and balance. Since the living room is that one room that reflects the character and style of your home, it is important that it suits your mood as well as your lifestyle. Once the bigger elements like flooring and wall color is covered you will get an idea about the type of appearance you desire. The two pivotal factors to the decor of your living room is the seating space and the amount of natural light that enters the room. The seating space should be clearly thought about since from utility purpose that is what a living room serves for — relaxation and entertaining, also it helps people to move about the room easily. With regard to the amount of natural light that enters the room, it gives you an idea of the wall color you can use, also it enhances the living room decor and the overall space of the room.

Some Most Popular Living Room 

Traditional Living Room Idea

Neutral tones, proper sofa set area, carpet, and a large dining table — you will usually notice a strong symmetry in a traditional living space. The concept of a traditional style living room is to focus on the functionality of space hence the basics are the priority here, for instance, a good sofa area, a dining table, a space to fit in decor or accessorize it, and usually a TV unit, without experimenting much with trends.

Minimalist Living Room Idea

Rearranged seating, most extreme space! As a response to customary and excessively exemplary engineering, moderate style of living room configuration hopes to make practical space in a rearranged manner. The thought is — adhere to the essentials, wipe out everything pointless! In this category, Metal Garages are also popular.

Modern Living Room Idea

A blend of old-style vitality streaming over moderate space. Have you ever seen a cowhide couch against an unbiased conditioned divider, with oriental furniture all in a similar space? That is a cutting edge style living room! They are never jumbled as they basically center around the seating and lighting to add a character to space.

Contemporary Living Room Idea

In layman’s language, we call it, latest living room styles for the season! It is a If you like to decorate your living room keeping in mind the current styles, then contemporary style is for you. Fundamentally, clean lines, clutter-less space, textures, with an openness to trending styles is a contemporary style of interior design.

Retro Living Room Idea

Bold colors, quirky decor items, refurbished accessories, wall art, patterns are some elements of a retro style living room. Sometimes the seating area might not even have a sofa rather modern chairs, lounge chairs and benches. The idea is to make color splashes and trendy designs enhance your living room, without of course, going overboard with colors. It could often give the feel of an overwhelming look but also helps to break away from monotony.

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