7 Timeless Leather Shoes That Never Go Out Of Style

7 Timeless Leather Shoes That Never Go Out Of Style

It’s often said that your first impression is your last impression and when you meet someone you are judged by a number of factors and interestingly most of these factors are related to your personal appearance. Whether you are going on a formal event, your first date, or a job interview, a striking appearance plays a great part in your success. While clothes play an important part in presenting yourself in a well-mannered way, your shoes are just as crucial to your look. 

Leather shoes help your project the right image of yourself and say a lot about you whether you want them or not. However, buying good quality leather shoes can be really expensive and with too many choices available, it can be really confusing to spot the right style of shoes. To solve this problem of yours, we have the best leather shoes that every man should have in their wardrobe.

1- Oxford

Oxfords are an impeccably classic choice of men’s formal leather shoe. You can easily spot them by their closed lacing style and the stitching across the bottom. Low heel and short back are also features of Oxford shoes. They are usually preferred for their neat and polished appearance and the lace-up closure that gives the user a great fitting. Either you are heading out for a formal event or have an official commitment, Oxfords are the best choice to pair with a suit. 

Tip: Oxfords go best with grey or black formal trousers. “Make sure the toe shape is right. Too pointy and you look like a spiv, too round and they look clumpy. A nice almond shape is what you’re looking for.”  says Grenson creative director Tim Little.

2- Brogue

The word Brogue comes from broguing which is a shoemaking technique of adorning shoes through a process of heavy perforations (pinpricks), and because it’s a technique rather than a shoe itself, Oxford or Derby style shoes are often classified as Brogue because of the perforation style on them. The increased number of holes signify the casualty of the shoes. So if you are looking for a shoe that can take you from an office meeting to a party, then semi-brogue should be your choice as they can be paired with suits as well as jeans.

Tip: “Look for a round toe on a chunky sole to wear with jeans or a more elegant almond-shaped toe with a leather sole to wear with a suit.” says Littles

“Tan is the classic color, but if you want to be more discreet, try a darker brown. Look for leather that appears burnished as it looks more luxurious and will get better with every polish.”

3- Loafers

Loafers are Moccasin style laceless shoes. They are usually preferred for a relaxed and chic touch to formal outfits. Moreover, they are easy to slip on and are extremely comfortable to wear. A pair of loafers go with a number of looks but perfectly paired with suits for a unique and dapper look. Tassel loafers and penny loafers are the most common choice other than velvet loafers that are usually considered for occasional events such as weddings. Leather loafers are arguably the most versatile option among other stylish shoes.

Tip: “If you’re after a smart-casual style, try a suede penny loafer in a dark brown or tan that can be worn with a pair of slim-leg chinos or shorts.” says Mr. Porter senior shoe buyer David Morris.

4- Chelsea Boot

Boots are not what you think when considering dress shoes. However, the right style of boots can provide you with a great finishing touch for your formal look. Moreover, they can be easily paired with anything from semi-formal to casual. They are easy to slip on and off because of their elasticated sides. The round toe, long ankle style, and laceless front are some of the features to spot Chelsea. They are your option if you are looking for a clean and sleek look.

Tip: In an interview, Morris said “Chelsea boots work especially well with jeans or tailored, slim-fitting trousers with a slight crop. If you’re going to wear yours with formalwear, make sure the color of your boot is complementary to the color of your suit and opt for a slimmer sole to keep your look streamlined.”

“Make sure the elastic at the ankle is strong, as it’s always the first thing to go and is difficult to repair,” says Little.

5- Lace-Up Boot

Dress boots are another valuable addition that you should make to your wardrobe. The front of these features laces and finish above the ankle. The pointy style on the front and the look gives the wearer an edgy look when paired with a suit. They look best in black or brown color and are a perfect addition to your stylish evening outfit.

Tip: Little advises “Make sure the leg is soft otherwise they will be painful to wear,”. “Stick to the workwear theme with rugged twill trousers rolled up. Smarter, slimmer-soled versions can also be worn with a suit, provided that the trouser leg is sufficiently narrow and cut to the ankle.”

6- Derby

Derby is a dress shoe with an open lacing system. They carry a sophisticated finishing touch and are intricate in design. They are mostly a choice for occasions where they can be paired with a suit and give you a polished look. Luke McDonald, a stylist at men’s personal shopping service Thread says “A Derby is like a Swiss army knife; they’re multifunctional. If you own a pair of jeans and ever want to look remotely smart, you should have a pair.

Tip: McDonald says, “A plain black, chocolate brown or oxblood will match with almost anything,”.

7- Monk Strap

Less formal than Oxfords, monk strap shoe is a uniquely stylish dress shoe that you can pair with your formal outfit – from business meeting to an occasional dinner. If you are looking for a fashionable look with a sleek touch then choose Monk strap shoes. However, they are best to buy in leather material because of the style and sharp look that leather formal shoes give it to you. Monk strap shoes are the most iconic shoes of modern times.

Tip: Cooper says, “The buckle should be brass as it’s good quality and lasts longer than cheaper alternatives.”

Make sure to invest in these 7 stylish shoes to make yourself presentable. Remember, good shoes take you to good places.