A Few Things To Observe While Buying A Moisturizer

Dry skin is a common condition to a lot of people that is characterized by insufficient amount of water in the skin epidermis. This condition affects both men and women of all ages, but the elderly persons are the most affected. People with dry skin seem to have limited amount of natural skin lubricants and skin oil.

Skin moisture, which is nothing more than water, keeps the skin well hydrated, healthy and beautiful. Choosing the correct skin moisturizer can be at times confusing. However, it is actually a simple process since one just needs to follow a few things.

1. Determining your need

Knowing about your skin type can assist you in decision making about a product that best suits your skin. This is because different skin types respond differently to a particular product. In case you have a dry skin, oil based moisturizer is the best moisturizer for dry skin.

For instance, if your skin is cracking, a product with petroleum works efficiently with your skin. Additionally, if the skin is deemed to have other complications other than dryness, you may be required to consider applying a couple of different kinds of this product for your skin care.

In case you have an oily skin that subject the skin to acne breakouts it is advisable to apply a lighter oiled product on your skin after cleaning it.

If you have a skin that is easily irritated, prone to rashes and redness components such as chamomile and aloe would be of help to the skin. These are soothing compounds that smoothen the cracked and dry skin. The best moisturizer for dry skin will be ideal.

Examine for any underlying skin complication

Dry skin might be associated to a certain underlying problem. It is advisable to see a dermatologist for directions, if the skin dryness got certain symptoms.Psoriasis and eczema can pilot to a dry skin. If any of these conditions are found in your skin, there is a likelihood of having a breakout of rashes which might cause dying off skin.

Exposure to sun can lead to a dry skin. It is advisable to seek guidance from a dermatologist on how to protect your skin from the damage caused by the scotching sun.

Seek for assistance if in need

If you are not sure about the best cream for you, it is advisable to seek advice from specialized professional in the line of skin care. Mostly, people are always confused of what type of brand of supplement they need to apply to their skin when some parts are dry and others are oily.

2. Selecting a skin product

Read the labels

It is important to begin with taking note of the label of a particular product of interest. Bearing in mind the type of skin you have, you need to consider the different ingredients contained in a particular product.

Note that, if your skin is dry, go for a heavier oiled product, which is rich in petroleum and dimethicone, which hinders loss of water from the skin.


In most cases, a person will have to attempt a number of brands in search of a satisfactory product. It is advisable to buy a variety of products in small quantities until one gets the product that works best with his or her skin.

Look for a product that is able to protect your skin from the sun

It is always important to prevent your skin from the scotching sun particularly when the skin is affected by dryness and cracking

3. How/when to apply a moisturizer

When you are through with taking a shower

When you take a shower using hot water, particular oils are removed from your skin. It is always good to replenish them through application of the cream you have already chosen immediately taking a shower.

Apply as per your skin demands

You should use the product as needed by your skin. It is advisable to apply the product after cleaning your hands, after an excise or even when exposed to cold weather.

Follow particular precautions on application of heavier cream

Heavier oil-based products should never be applied on your face but on condition that one has excessive dryness, since this can bloc pores and result to acne breakouts.


The above discussions have given enough information that concerns skin, skin conditions and what to consider when treating these conditions. It is important for a person to go through these guidelines on how to take care of one skin by application of a good brand that works best to their skin.