The Secret Of The Popularity Of Italian Handbags

The Secret Of The Popularity Of Italian Handbags

Every woman obsessed with quality handbags knows how highly esteemed are the Italian products, but not everyone knows what makes the Italian designer bags so superior in comparison with items manufactured in other countries. In this article we are going to take a closer look at the three main features, which add up to the popularity of Italian handbags. These are: the quality of the leather used to make the bag, superb manufacturing skills of handbag craftsmen and well established Italian luxury brands.

Highest Quality Leather

Italian leather is often referred to as the best leather in the world. Italian brands are known for using the best quality hides, such as ostrich or crocodile hides. Not only is the initial material of the ultimate quality, but it is also processed with close attention to the details. Only the best hides are accepted and some brands specialize in full grain leather products made from the leather from the top of the hide, which is most flexible and durable at the same time. Italian manufacturers are known for using only quality dyes and other chemicals to deliver long-lasting products in consistent shades. The quality of the leather is controlled at every step of the way, with the low quality products being eliminated in the process and only the best leather making it to the next stage of the handbag manufacturing. High standards for products and materials used to make these items result in high quality bags, which do not wear out with time as much as other bags do, and remain in good condition if cared for properly.

Top-Notch Manufacturing Skills

The best Italian designer leather bags are handmade and manufactured in workshops of the best artisans in the world. Italy has long traditions in making fashion products. Italian artisans, who are working for the best fashion designers often recruit from families, which are in the business for many generations and their products are recognized as the highest quality handmade products available on the market. Italy is also famous for its professional workshops for craftsmen, who would like to develop their skills and start making high quality bags.
Famous Italian designers
Brands such as Prada, Fendi or Gucci do not need any special introduction, these are one of the most popular brands in the world of handbags and leather accessories. The quality of their products is rarely questioned and is perceived as a benchmark for other less popular manufacturers. Some of the customers are more eager to buy Italian products just because they associate them with the items manufactured by the most famous fashion houses. The popularity of the high fashion Italian brands create a good environment also for young, debuting Italian designers, who follow in the footsteps of their more famous colleagues and deliver quality products for far more competitive price. These small brands are often preferred by customers, who cannot afford to buy high fashion products, but want the best value bag. Although the quality and style for small brands are often rocks!

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