Spray Painting Without A Mask

Spray painting anything from a wall to a car without a mask could lead to you having poor health in the future. Because of volatile organic compounds and other harmful chemicals anyone who works with spray paint should never work without a mask.
Spray paints contain chemicals with a low molecular weight meaning that as soon as they are released from the canister or machine they are free to float around in the air. The chemicals are called isocyanates and if they come into contact with the skin they can cause severe irritation; they can also cause damage to the eyes and respiratory tract and if you are continually exposed it could also cause illnesses such as asthma.
A lot of industry workers who are required to use spray paints are provided with protective suits and in order to protect them from chemical poisoning. The most important part of their protective clothing is a mask. Generally, for added protection, it will be an air fed mask so that a clean supply of air is provided to the user without contamination of isocyanates. It has been found that people who are regular spray paint users are eighty times more likely to develop asthma compared to any other workers.
As people become more and more exposed to isocyanates their regular use becomes obvious. Those that work with spray paint every day, for example in a car body shop, will often develop symptoms similar to a cold such as coughing, a runny nose, tight chest and breathlessness. All of these symptoms are often worse when the sufferer is sleeping. As the worker continues to use the spray paints and therefore being exposed to isocyanates the symptoms get worse and can sometimes even lead to death. A lot of people are forced out of their jobs after years of working with these chemicals because they fail essential tests that check the strength of their lungs. A lot of people who have worked with spray paint will end up on a ventilator to help their breathing as they get older.
If you do need to spray paint anything – inside or outside – then the best thing to do is fully ventilate the area and wear a mask. The chemicals that are contained within spray paint are dangerous to any one and can cause awful illnesses – such as incurable asthma – and even death so it is essential to wear a mask at all times when using it.
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