Prom dress – Learn the art of blending Comfort with style

Facing Prom dress wardrobe crisis? We are going to share some styling tips that are in vogue, use these tips to create a look with  Prom dress. Head to prom with your date

For hairstyle: Tiaras and hair scrunchies that match the dress can be used. Wear fresh flowers for a rustic maiden look. The hair can be half braided and the other half can be left loose. A prom dress that has straps can be worn with it. If your hair is Rapunzel long, curl the hair and in the front add fringes for a bubbly look.

Big Bold Bun: Make a bun if you are wearing a sweetheart’s neck. Leave few locks on your face. You may curl these locks. Spray a little hair spray to keep them intact. Put tiny pearls. Little butterflies can be used to decorate the hairstyle.

Fishtail: A fishtail would compliment with a mermaid dress. Stay glam and gorgeous in this hairstyle. It is fuss-free and stylish.

Jewelry: A butterfly half wing earring can be worn in both the sides. These are an evolved version of danglers. Fly earrings are unique and pretty. If your dress is short this one will go like bread goes with butter.

Tassel earrings: Tassel earring is the hottest trend. It gives you a retro- boho look. Wear these earrings that are color popping.

 Jewelry should be minimum to let your dress stand out. To make a statement wear earring that is chandelier shaped. Nothing else would be needed with these earrings. Although a delicate bracelet can be tried out. Feather earrings that are a blue peacock, white peacock shed feather can be made. Wear your pride as earrings.  

Cute clutch: A tiny cute clutch matching your Prom dress will keep your essentials in place and make a statement. You can DIY a little clutch. Buy a simple plain wallet. Buy sequins and pearl toned embellishment. Using a glue paste these to your pouch.

For footwear:  

Velvet shoes:  Velvet shoes are classy and give you a rich look. These can be sandals, stilettos, ballerinas. If your dress is velvet made couple this dress with this footwear. These are elegant and comfortable. Velvet shoes are made for romantic times.

For make-up:

Use glitter and shimmer to highlight your cheekbones. Conceal the blemishes with a concealer. Put some blush around cheeks. Use winged liners and go for Smokey eyes for a smudgy coaled look.

In essence, blend the overall look by using the tips and tricks mentioned in this article. Make sure you use colors that match with the hues.

Use what has been suggested by our style experts in this article and create a mesmerizing, stunning look. Ribbons can be weaved in the hair for a softer, cute look. For junior prom ribbons are perfect. From head-to-toe be in sync style-wise. Do not mix too much of different styles. In one glace your date must know what you are all about and what your style statement is.