Considerations For Choosing A Wedding Venue

Weddings are special occasions and no matter how else one puts it across, it ranks among the most memorable days of one’s life. For the day to actually turn out to be special, there is so much preparations that need to be done by every body who is involved with the wedding. Even if you, cleverly we might add, manage to distribute all the various wedding related tasks across your friends and family members, the choice of wedding venue still has to be done by you.
Most of us does hope that we will only be married once. Hence, if you are looking for tips on the internet for a wedding venue, you are probably doing it for the first time. If that is truly the case, then there are a few areas of concern that must be addressed in your search for the ultimate venue. You must know this because, a great venue can make or break the wedding experience.
Limiting Your Budget
A true fact about life is that not all of us can have a wedding that defies gravity. Many of us need to have our feet firmly on the ground in terms of the budget. Still, the important question that we all need to ask is this – how low is too low? One thought that might be springing in your mind is to go for a venue that is not charging much. Then, get it to look good by spending a little extra on wedding decorations. This, on the surface, sure sounds like a fantastic plan.
This plan though is fraught with danger, and danger is not what you want you want on your wedding day. If a wedding venue has become available for a very low cost, there is so much about the venue in terms of arrangements, looks, facilities and so on that might simply be inefficient. Beauty is definitely skin deep if you plan to make up for the shortcomings by way of wedding decorations. Since wedding decorations are actually done just a few hours before the actual event, you will find that the overall look is not what you imagined.
When you do realize that the wedding venue is not looking like you imagined, you don’t have really have an option to back out. The wedding is in a few hours and you can hardly cancel the wedding because you made a mistake in choosing your venue. Or may be, you can post pone or cancel your wedding. Then again, what good will that do to you? So, hear us out and do not go cheap with your wedding venue.
Other Charges
If you have gone to movie with your group of friends or family, you will realize to your own surprise that the popcorn and snacks bill was a lot more than the actual movie ticket. You may be used to this because you probably go to a lot of movies at the cinemas.
Something similar happens with wedding venues as well. Some venues, when they charge for the venue, don’t always include what you would assume to be included in those charges. Some venues might include chairs and tables as part of the charge while some may only include the charge for the venue. Parking may be part of the whole bundle or it may be charge separately.
Even wedding venues that claim to give you the whole package for a single fee would have probably not included a few items that is required by you. It is critical that you go through all the facilities that are made available by the venue and see exactly how are they charged. This sounds like a lengthy procedural task but work hard today, have a peaceful wedding tomorrow should be your motto.
Food Vendors
This is the most important part of all weddings. Who does not like food? Lot of television shows and movies which involve weddings always include some character that was there only for the food. It is funny but it is true. People love food and weddings are expected to have great food.
Obviously you want people to leave the wedding hall completely satisfied, as far as their appetite is concerned. The only way you can ensure this is to choose a separate food vendor for your wedding. Do not go with the vendor who is associated with the venue itself. This gives you a lot of options to choose from and your wedding will be so much more unique, if your cuisine is unique!
The author is a marketing person by profession but he sure has helped out a lot of friends with their weddings in Edinburgh. He likes to write about it and share what he knows with the world.

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  1. Excellent planning advise! If it’s something as important and a once-in-a-life-time event like your wedding, you need all the resources and information you can get your hands on to find that best location to host your wedding and/or to entertain your guests. And definitely visit the place with your partner so the two of you can agree on what you want. Thanks for sharing!

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