Hurricane Season is Over: What to Do to Prepare for Next Year

Every time you use your storm shelter or emergency kit, you deplete supplies. By the end of the year, you may run out of essential items if you are not on top of things. Making current lists and practicing emergency plans are two of the best ways to always be ready for whatever Mother Nature has in store for you.

Take Inventory

Make lists of all the items each family member needs. Individual items to include might be medications, dietary specific items, baby needs, vitamins, diabetes supplies, and devices for people with disabilities. One of the best ways to do inventory and clean up the area for the following year is to check expiration dates in your shelter. If you have a metal roof, then metal roof repairs might be necessary before the next season. Fixing broken shutters, sagging gutters, and checking for foundation leaks are other ways to prepare for emergencies.

Clean, Organize, and Restock

As you take each product out of your emergency shelter area, note it on an inventory sheet or in an Excel document. Toss or put in a keep pile in another room. When the area is empty, you will have your list of products to buy. Note additional storage containers or shelves you need as you make your purchases.

Create a Practice Routine

You know what they say about practice. Knowing your emergency plan like the back of your hand is a good way to ensure the whole family has it down pat. You can schedule the drills by putting reminders in your cell phone or writing the time on a calendar everyone can access. Stick to the schedule and practice religiously and do a variety of exercises like planning to evacuate and what to do when staying put.

Plan a Family Meeting

Good or bad, other members of your house will want to provide input or ask questions. The key is communication. A plan for a home with aging parents is not the same as emergency action with a house full of young children. All the above tasks can be broke up into lists for each person or you can do them together.
The U.S. Government provides a safety action plan for families who want to prepare for natural disasters. Listing maintenance tasks can help you organize repairs that will protect your family and home the following year. Making sure everyone knows evacuation routes and meeting places is necessary.