The Best Ways To Increase Your Video's Traction

Did you know that getting YouTube exposure is a science, not simple chance? With more businesses and brands creating YouTube content and other online videos than ever, it is actually becoming harder to go viral! However, viral status is still one of the cheaper forms of advertising that a company, brand, person, game, video, or anyone else can do to become famous and even bring in some passive cash. When you post your next video, implement these ideas to ensure your video gains the maximum amount of traction.

Don’t Neglect MetaData

Do you know what MetaData is? It is the difference between a video that putters out within a few days to one that continues to grow and become more visible over time. The MetaData section on the upload form is boring and overwhelming, but always fill it out!

So how do you do it? Make sure you fill out the forms for each section. You should create a clever and evergreen headline (avoiding years or too-specific information is one way, answering a question is another), make sure you have a small but interesting description for the video, and include relevant keywords. You can also include a link back to your actual website or product page.

Make Custom Thumbnails

The option to create a custom thumbnail is not available for everyone, but if it is, you should take advantage of it. A good thumbnail will encourage people to view your content when they see it on the YouTube page. Something that shows your product or what you are trying to represent will work the most effectively. If you are unable to show the content of your video through a custom thumbnail, just try to choose a YouTube thumbnail that best represents your brand or video content!

Add Annotations

An annotation is a small bit of text that you can add over your video while it plays. This makes it possible for viewers to see your other content right on the page as the video plays. You can use them to tell more about the video, encourage people to look at other videos that you have made, and even visit your other web pages or relevant information right from the video. Of course, don’t make them too cluttered or you will discourage people from watching the current video! You can also add a subscription button to the video that will help visitors connect with your content on a permanent basis.

Always Be Consistent

Consistency seems to be the key to online marketing. Whether you have a blog, publish videos, or whatever else you do, doing it on a consistent basis will keep fans coming back each time you publish new content. Even if you only publish a new video once a month, if you do it on the same day each month, your visitors will come to see that day as “publishing day.” Each first Monday of the month (or whatever day you choose), your fans will visit your channel or website to view new content.

Advertise Wisely

It doesn’t matter what industry you are in, there is likely someone who is better at marketing than you are. This is true for YouTube videos as well. Most companies do not have the time to build a video marketing platform all on their own. This is where professional video marketing companies like Virool can be extremely helpful. Virool will take your video and connect it with a relevant audience for a very affordable price. Most views cost just between 10 to 25 cents. You can control everything about where your video is shared and how much you spend.

The world of video advertising is large and as complicated as any other marketing method. However, if you use the tips outlined above, you will have a much higher chance of seeing lasting, income-producing results.

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