How To Control Your Debt Properly

Have you a debt problem now? Debt is an obligation that must be paid by everyone who deals with. The person or business entity that provides loans is referred to the creditor. As for the person or entity who receives a loan is called a debtor. So the individuals or business entities that lend money will assume the debt as a receivable.

How to Overcome Debt

The main factors that aggravate the burden of debt is debt interest. Deb interest is varies, depending on the policy determined by the bank and the government. Some of the common factors of debt are rising of inflation, increasing of investment needs and the state of the local economy. “We may not be able to avoid the debt but we can control it”. You must keep the words in your mind.

Debt can be divided into two kinds; long-term debt and short-term debt. Long-term debt is usually repaid over a year, while short-term debt is usually paid less than a year.

Here are some ways to overcome the debt:

Close Credit Card

Credit card is a replacement for cash payment instrument issued by a bank to facilitate the transaction. By using a credit card, then automatically you are taught to “loan” or “add your debt.” To overcome the problem of the debt, the first way is by closing the credit card. Credit will always force us to issue administrative costs even if not used at all!


Paying debt is an obligation. The next step is to prioritize the payments. In this case pay the smallest debt first. Once already paid, then you can pay greater debts.

Create a List of Debts

You should make a list of your debts ranging from the biggest to the smallest. Never forget every single debt you owe, if you do not want to be caught by legal issue.

Avoid Settle your Debt with Another Debt

By doing this step; you will support your own financial suicide. One example is paying the debt using credit card released by another bank. This step is the worst step ever made.


Debt consolidation is one solution that can be done. You are recommended to pay one big debt than to pay various small debts. By doing debt consolidation, you can be more focused on paying off all your obligations. You can even rearrange your debt interests!

Sell ​​Some of Yours

You may have to sell some stuff that can make money, such as car, motorcycle, or even your own home. I hope that some ways above can help you in paying your debt. However you need to instill a faith in yourself that you will avoid debt as much as possible. Therefore do not owe, except in an emergency condition. If you have a steady job, ask your employer to give you extra work instead of giving loans. The last advice is you should make sure you can pay the debt in a timely manner, so you can avoid the fines.

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