How to Choose Bridal Shoes that Pledge Comfort??

bridal shoes

The bridal day is the most awaited day for women and shopping for your bridal day is too much frantic task. It’s the most difficult to choose the perfect pair of shoes that goes with your bridal dress. It took lots of time to match the perfect pair of shoes with the dress. But here we come with some graceful tips while you choose your bridal shoes.

Choose your dress primarily

The dress is the first thing you have to choose accordingly you have to choose your bridal shoes. Buy your dress first. Find some bridal shoes online from fashion stores like JJ’s House and wishlist it. Your bridal shoes should add to the style and formality of your dress first. The style of your bridal shoe totally depends upon on your bridal dress style.

View your Venue

Keep the place of your wedding in mind while choosing your bridal shoes. Are you having an outdoor wedding? Garden? Ballroom? Barn? Heels aren’t the best choice for a garden wedding. Keep in mind stairs, dance floor and pathways because sometimes your heels can cause discomfort.

Find bridal shoes that pledge comfort

The best thing you can do when finding bridal shoes is to find the shoes that give beautiful looks as well as comfort. The comfort zone is just as it’s your wedding day, you have to enjoy. Wear it with your bridal dress before one week of your bridal day to feel that it is looking good or not. If you are a woman that loves sneakers or sandals, then stick to a lower length shoe height for your wedding. We don’t recommend testing a new height on your wedding day as all eyes will be on you. If heels are important, choose a low heel so you still get the feel of a heel without the ambitious height.

Shop Around

It can be fascinating to purchase the first pair of your bridal shoes that you fall in love with, but we favorable you to shop near you and find all your options before buying. Online Browsing tends to be wider than what you find in store, so it’s a great idea to initiate your search on the web and then buy in stores for your favorite styles.

Dos & Don’ts of Bridal Shoes


Anyway of comfort level (but mostly if you’re wearing heels), Try wearing them around the house to break them in before your wedding day. Choose more than one pair for safety extra pair you should have for your special day.


The longer you wait to buy your bridal shoes, the less time you have to decide if you really like them with your dress and to break them in before the wedding. Even if you set up style over comfort, it’s critical to know that your bridal shoes fit and feel comfortable before you buy.

One should not try and wear those shoes for the very first time when they are walking down the aisle. What if they realize that the shoes are not at all fitted or comfortable enough to wear? How will they manage the entire day wearing that? So, when one buys those shoes they need to practice at least for a couple of weeks by wearing them. The feet get used to those shoes and one feels that walking on those high heels is just a piece of a cake on the wedding day.

One should check if they can move around and do other important activities in those shoes. Also, being able to dance in those shoes is also very important. This is because; dance is an integral part in the wedding day. If one can do all these things in that shoe then it is absolutely fine to buy them.

It would take a bold and brave bride to go for a colorful or patterned wedding outfit. So, in case you are keeping things conventional with a white, ivory or cream gown but still wish to make a statement somehow, it would be good if you consider choosing a bright-colored pair of wedding shoes.

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