A Healthier New Year In 2014

A Healthier New Year In 2014

A new year is on its way, and that means considering ways to course correct and get back on track with healthy eating and exercising habits. If you are thinking about ways to start out 2014 right, here are five great resolutions for a healthier New Year.

1. Get Moving

Probably the most common New Year’s resolution, year after year, is exercising to lose weight. This means new gym memberships that often get neglected after January. The Center for Disease Control encourages adults to get about 2.5 hours per week of aerobic physical activity throughout the week and two weekly sessions of strength training. Though it difficult to maintain a rigorous exercise routine, it is really vital to your wellness and the start of a new year is the perfect time to try it again and stick with it.

2. Keep Your Skin Safe

Going into 2014, might be the perfect time to begin giving your skin the care it deserves. Consider scheduling a visit to your dermatologist (or finding one if you don’t already have a doctor). Your dermatologist will be able to inspect your skin and notice any suspicious spots to watch. He or she can also recommend the right lotions and SPF to protect your skin from harsh elements like sun, wind and dry air.

3. Keeping Portions in Check

If you want to stay healthier and trim your waste line, then it may be time to trim your portion sizes. An effective way to consume a more proper amount at mealtimes is to simply downsize your dishes. Studies on portion control demonstrate that using smaller plates and bowls helps to limit eating because what looks like a little food on a large dinner plate seems like a full meal on a smaller sized dish.

4. It’s Time to Kick that Bad Habit

A popular New Year’s resolution is often to go cold turkey and finally quit an unhealthy habit like smoking, binge eating, drinking too much, etc. These and others are all poor habits that will damage your health and happiness over time. Use the motivation of a new year to turn over a new leaf. There are incredible resources available such as support groups and information services to help you understand the root of your habit or addiction and find the help you need to move past it.

5. Finding Quality Care

A key part of achieving better health in 2014 starts with finding the right personalized healthcare model to be proactive about your wellness. Direct primary care models offer individualized healthcare that is tailored to your genetic tendencies, pre-existing conditions and individual lifestyle.

With these ideas, you’ll be on your way to a healthy and well year.

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